Thursday, November 29, 2012

"A Project That Needed Tweaking..."

  So I'm a huge fan of You've Got Mail, it's by far one of my Favorite movies!! I Love that quote when Tom Hanks ask Meg why she didn't meet her internet guy and she tells him that he had a project that needed some tweaking and Tom's response is, "Some tweaking? A project that needed tweaking.... Yep he's married..." HAHA!!! After doing a little internet dating myself I tend to be as optimistic as Tom.
     But all that to say that I have been doing some tweaking of my own...I made some small tweaks to my blog! I was going to jump on board with the whole pre-made templets but I'm just not ready yet. Plus, I really love the picture that is apart of my title and I haven't found one of these pre-made templets that would work with it. So I played around a bit and made some changes myself....What do you think?

     So I'm super excited about the fact that we only have two weeks till exams week. This is one of my favorite parts of my semester. The kids will start on their final projects and the last project is where they will have to do research on a famous artist and then choose one of their paintings and recreate it but on a non-traditional surface. Last year I had kids that painted on old laptops, stools, tv trays, ceiling tiles, drift wood, a guitar, and even a mannequin. Students will then present a power point on their artist and their art work to go with it. I'm excited to see what some of my students bring in to paint on. Some have already started laying out some ideas and they're pretty cool.  Here are some pics of my kids from last year.

Painting away on that tv tray

Haha they were a fun bunch!

My classroom stool

Well, I hope you have a great Friday! I love Fridays! It's as if the day is just great because we all know we get the next day off. Even on the craziest Friday's, they are way better then say a Tuesday haha! 
So Happy Friday!

~Till Next Time :) 

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