Wednesday, November 28, 2012

It's Beginning To Look A Lot...

     ...Like Christmas!
     I really LOVE Christmas! I think it's the freedom to use glitter, lights, and sugar, at will and not be judged for it. I Love putting up my tree, and love that it seems there can never be too much stuff on my tree! 

I love Lots of Color! 

I think that Mr. Bingley is just too cute!

     So many things to love! Elves, gumdrops, and all the wonderful things from childhood. One of my favorite parts of putting up my tree is taking out all of my ornaments and remembering the great memories that go with each and every one of them. 

I have a bit of a Mushroom addiction! Every year it seems to grow and that just makes me happy :)

 When ever I travel to different places I always get an ornament from that place to remember my trip by. I love looking at these and remembering all the great places and fun times!

 These are by far some of my favorites since they are from my childhood and passed down from my Grandmother. 

 These represent my time as a teacher

 I loved Dr. Sues as a kid and have collected a nice lil group of them. Love the one with Max the dog and Horton.

 We have a tradition of making or giving an ornament with the years date. I even have the one from the year I was born. For some reason I happened to grab my box of ornaments when I evacuated for Katrina...sadly I was the only one in my family that did :(

Then there are these...They are on my tree because they make me happy :)

~Till Next Time

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