Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Oompa Loompa Land Up Ahead...and I Just Did What?

     So as stated before in my last post, I did the New Orleans Color Run! I know right...Who would have thought I would do a 5k? I have to say that it was a Blast!! Of course I didn't run the whole thing. I ran a bit then stayed back to walk with two of my friends who were walking it. My lil sis Lydia and friend Sheila ran the whole thing...Awesome Job yall! We had a really good time. This type of race was made for me! I loved all of the colors and that their mascot is a giant Unicorn!!! How awesome is that! Also it was all about having fun, getting colored up, dressing crazy (I will have a white tutu for the next one), glitter, rainbows and all the other fun things that I just love. We also had a great group that all participated. It was awesome to see 11'000 people all lined up to run this and everyone wanting to have a good time. I was determined to take some good pictures of this fun day and had been reading the Color Run's website when I stumbled across their suggestion of how to cover your good camera to protect it from the color that is thrown all over you. You will never guess what they said to use...Saran Wrap! So I busted out my trusty sidekick for all of my adventures, my camera, and got to wrapping. 
I was so excited, it worked like a charm! And best part is it didn't cost me $400 bucks like a case would have.

     So armed with my newly protected sidekick (I really need to give him a name Hmm....will have to work on that), and my running shoes we were off to the Happiest 5K on the planet. Here's how the day went:

The crew geared up and ready to go! 

Me and my Lil Sis...I was so proud of her for running the whole thing!

11'000 people all dressed in white and ready to get colored up.

At the starting line...

First was orange (they had this great sign at the beginning of each color station and the orange sign read, "Oompa Loompa Land Up Ahead") 
then we were off to the blue and looking like giant Smurfs

Next was the pink and it was just a blast

And then we made it to the finish line!

Following the parade of colors this sign was quite true...but then I always thought I did ;)

Then I came across this...a giant Unicorn and my day was made!

But this by far is my Favorite pic of the day! Love this group of girls and so blessed to have such great friends. 

I'm super excited about the next Color Run in Feb and will for sure be sporting my white tutu. We had such a great time and all wanted to do it again that we formed a team...our team name is "Friends Don't Let Friends Dye Alone."

Thanks guys for a wonderful and colorful Sat. and for not letting this friend Dye alone :)

~Till Next Time

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