Monday, November 26, 2012

Really!? It's Monday Already?...That's Ok, I Got This!!!

     So this is how I felt when my alarm went off this morning at 4:30! Yeah, was not too happy about the fact that I woke up before the alarm! You know when you wake up and your like, "What the Heck woke me up because that dang alarm sure hasn't gone off yet!?!" Then you lay there wondering why your up at this ungodly hour without the shrill of the demoniac alarm as the culprit. Then as you ponder this, that's when the alarm decides to make its grand self heard and then you're really ticked off since you were pondering the thought of trying to go back to bed...Well at least that's what I do, don't know about you.

     So as I jump out of bed to turn the alarm off (yep, I'm one of those people that has to have it across the room or I'm so dozing that thing till I'm jumping out of bed and racing to work late) I remember my last post and my resolve to have a positive outlook. So I start with my positive thinking. Now I knew going into this day that the positive thinking thing was going to be rough and all since there has yet to be an easy day back at school after a week long break...but I was going with it. I knew if I was going to pull this off I was going to need lots of prayer and maybe even more coffee. I was dressed and off to work, I managed to make it to work a whole hour early, beat the Monday line at the copy machine (already looking like a good day!), and got the day going. 
Then the students showed up all dragging butt...I mean come on people you haven't seen me for a WHOLE week! You should be filled with excitement and anticipation at the knowledge and art wonder that I'm going to instill in you...yeah, not so much. haha!!!
Well, I had come ready for them and their lethargic selves! I planned to teach the mess out of them and had a full bell to bell day planned (I also told them I was not going to fight it and if they didn't want to do their work in my class then they would have the honor to do it in ISS...that got their attention haha!) 

     Overall it was a great day. My positive thinking went well and I had a really good day. Some of my lil babies (my Sr. that are going to be leaving me soon Boo!) Came to see me, as always, for lunch and I had a great time chatting it up with them! They really do crack me up! They asked if I found a Boo over the break, yeah like you just find someone to jump into a relationship over a week long break. They are very concerned with the fact that I'm single and I think thats so those kids!! So after I told them to not worry about my relationship status, and to eat something besides junk food for lunch, they were off to 4th period and I was off to my planning period. Now if you're a teacher then you know that planning period is a code word for black hole of time. I always have such good intentions to get things done during this time...just seems catching up with other teachers is more fun and the rest of the time I'm not really sure where it goes?? I did get some grading done, but still have more waiting on me...but tomorrow is always another day!

     I hope that you had a great Monday as well. Remember to BE POSITIVE and Tuesday...Bring It! :)

~Till Next Time 

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mama said...

You doing rEAL GOOD ,SO PROUD of you and changing for the better, mama loves you :)