Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How Do We See Ourselves...

        ...Makes a Difference in What We Become. 

     I would say that this email started from a message that I received from a friend. It got me to thinking about how differently I saw myself then how she saw me. Here's the message:
Thank youuuuu!!! May 2013 be filled with tons of awesomeness from the hand of God! Woohoo!
I love you, Syl & am so thankful for your timeless friendship. I love how after long gaps of time, we can catch up right where we are!
You're so confident in who are & what you're doing & where you're going.... And that spurs me on, SO much!
Happy New Years to you, too! Many blessings in '13!
May The Lord bless you & keep you & cause His face to shine upon you!
My reply was this:
Aww thanks so much...I do love that about our friendship. I have been blessed to have such awesome friends in my life and I am in so many ways the parson I am because of them.
You inspire me to have a deep walk with God. I'm sometimes jealous of your love and devotion to your Savior. I long to have that assurance of my love for Him the way that you do. I am praying to I learn to love all that God has done, accept all that He is doing and will do and to have hope again that he is really concerned about me and all aspects of my life.
I'm not where I want to be but I'm at least realizing that I have to do something to get where I want to be...which is completely enraptured with Him. I only hope that I can see myself the way you see me because as I read your message I thought to myself, "Really?...I don't feel like that at all."
This message really got me to thinking about how I wanted to see myself in 2013. What changes did I want to make? How would I go about doing them?? And would my change in how I see myself help me to become the person I, and God, wants me to be?

      I know that most people are in the mindset of thinking about all of the things that they want to accomplish in the new year. I know I have taken some moments to think about what I want my 2013 to look like. I'm not really a fan of New Year's Resolutions since they seem to require more commitment then I care to give. But I am a check list person! I love check list and I will confess there is something a lil high that gets me when I can scratch something off of my list. I will even go further with my confession and tell you that I am one of those people that will write things that I completed but weren't on the list just so I can feel the sense of accomplishment that comes from checking it off. So for this year I'm going to do a check list of things that I hope to accomplish this year. So here it is...not to long and not things that are out of reach.

Now I did find another list that I like as well :)

Here's another list I just had to include...it does look like a lot of Fun :)

Well, I hope that this year brings you all that you long for and I hope that we all see ourselves as God sees us, one of His loved children.

~Till Next Time :)

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Elizabeth Ashley said...

I hope your 2013 is going as amazing as you planned! :) You really ARE a great encouragement and an amazing friend.
And God really DOES have awesome stuff in store for you... as cliche' as it sounds.
I'm so glad that we get to swap stories in this crazy journey of life. Ha.