Monday, January 28, 2013

Jan.: Victories and Near Death Experiences

     Doesn't seem like its already been a month into the new year! It's been an interesting month and so far an interesting year. I have had at least one big victory this month...I PAID OFF MY CAR!!!!! No more car note and it feels soo good! I even paid it off 3 months early. I really want to get my finances in order this year and knock out some major debt!!! 
   Then I had the opportunity to visit my cousin who moved to CO. I had a free plane ticket and thought, "Well I haven't been to CO. before." So I packed my bags, after two weeks of prepping for my sub, student proofing my classroom for while I'm gone, and completing VERY detailed sub plans for the 4 days I would be gone. I thought I would get to see some snow, maybe play in it a bit and who knows maybe even be able to do a bit of skiing LOL!!! Yeah thats NOT at all how the trip went! When I got there they had higher temps then in Louisiana!!!!  I did enjoy getting to see my cousin and her family and had fun hanging out with the kids. But due to the altitude I was having headaches and then it seems I got that really bad stomach bug. I have never in my life thrown up the way I did with this bug! I was up all night tossing my cookies and at one point I even prayed, "Lord if you won't stop me from throwing up then let me die!" I then retracted my statement later that night when I went to go get some ice chips (the only thing I could keep down) and fell down my cousins crazy dangerous stairs. As I was going down I had two thoughts: 1.What the heck!! Where's the step?? 2. God this was not what I meant!
     So I started to recover and we thought that we would take a drive and go up the mountain and see some snow and the lake...yeah, we got a lil lost, and then when we did get to the road leading to the like it was CLOSED! Of course, lets just take this train wreck home! I was so happy to finally get home, and back below sea level! Maybe I have a bit of Mermaid in me and I need to be near water and below sea level Hmmm??? haha! Oh, and to end the trip of trips, I misread my ticket time by an hour, had to run to make my plane after being told that my bag may not make it till the next day!! haha Oh life's lil adventures! It was just another page in the book!
     Well, my story is going to be a year older in just a couple of days. I can't believe that I will be turning 33!! WoW!! Where did that come from??? Sometimes I feel like an impostor...I still feel like a lil girl inside that is trying to figure out this life and I just seem to be getting older in numbers but I don't feel like my age at all. 33 years?? Geez I'm not even sure what to do with that? I have been blessed for those 33 years but so often I still feel as if I'm stuck at 23. Well, we will see what the rest of this year has to offer. I'm hoping that each year you have a certain quota of wanting to die and near death experiences and I got all of mine out of the way in the first month!

~Till Next Time :)

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