Thursday, April 18, 2013

Discipline...Not An Easy Task

 Now thats what I call 

     I'm sitting here and thinking about how I need to add more discipline to my life. It is something that I am sorely lacking in and not just in one area of my life. I have not been very disciplined with my money, I hate HATE the gym and or running, I seem to do well reading my Bible for a while but then get off track, and then I tend to start things that I don't always finish. Seems it's something I'm cursed to always be working on and never quite reaching. I don't even like having to discipline my kids at school...its just not all that of an enjoyable thing for anyone. But it is something that I need to work something I really need to take a look at. I have especially felt the need to get a little more disciplined lately since I have had some changes take place. First was when I started with my migraines and realized that I needed more sleep and better eating habits. Then I got on some migraine meds that made me lose ALL kinds of weight and I liked very much being in a size 2 and 4. Well, I had to get off the meds and now I've gained back a bit of the weight. I'm still in my size 4s but not my 2s :( I have also realized that it has been months since I have read my Bible on a continuos daily bases, something I'm not proud of at all!! Finally, I have a ton of art projects that I have started and have not finished, something I'm going to fix this summer.

     So what do you do to keep discipline in your life?
My Dad is always saying that for something to become a habit you have to do it for at least a month. I think in the true nature of my love of list making I am going to create a list of all my unfinished projects and will make myself NOT start any new projects till my list is all checked off. I also need to start using my Bible App again so that I can have a daily Bible time. As far as the gym....well, I guess I will start doing my yoga and pilates again and watching what I am eating. Being on those meds made it where I could eat anything and everything and not gain weight...NOT a good thing to ever do because when it ends and "real" life without meds begin again it makes it even harder!!! But sadly I've always had to do a bit of weight watching so I guess its just life as usual. haha!

                                          ~Till Next Time

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