Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Random Things I Say To My Students In Response To The CRAZY Things They Say Or Do

     So I came across the cutest illustration the other day while I was cruising Pinterest (of course. What did we do pre Pinterest?) Well, the illustrations were by a Dad (Nathan Ripperger) who creates funny illustrations based on random crazy things he says to his kids in responce to some of their crazy questions or actions.  Here are a few that really cracked me up:

So I thought I would do the same kind-of thing but with things I say to my students... since they are my only kids. Here are a few:

No! The X-acto knife is for your art project, not to clean your nails with.

Stop Touching Each Other!
Don't even look at them.
Don't let me even see you pretend 
that they are even in this class.

No I'm not married. 
No I don't need you to set me up on a date with your
Army recruiter. No I don't care that he has a job, house and works out...I still don't need you to find dates for me!

No I don't just sit at home at night and drink tea and knit.

Put that desk and the kid in it down!!!

Yea, were going to watch a musical. Yep... they will be singing. Yes, they will sing through most of the film.
No you may not 
bring your pet snake to class!!

Yes, I'm sure you want your pottery to turn and spin and you want to create something that flies...but
this is just a beginner pottery class. I also understand that you are a peacock and I have to let you soar...but we're still not going to be able to create pottery that turns.

No, its not a good idea to shove a paint brush into the tip of a glue gun.

Yes, we are going to do work today. No, we're not going to have a day off just because you need a nap.

I will of course continue to add to these, as I'm sure that my kids will continue to crack me up with some of the things that they come up with.

~Till Next Time


Rhonda said...

It's a lot of fun being around kids

Tony Putman said...

This was stinking hilarious!!!!