Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Moment of Nobooking

     So as I stated in my last post I took a moment to regroup and reevaluate my life and I thought that maybe I should do some of that R&R with "Nobook" instead of Facebook. So I deactivated my account for a few days. I will be going back but right now I'm still kind-of shocked how much of my life and time is influenced by Facebook.  So to try and clue you in on the many life changes that would take place if you were to deactivate or cancel you FB let me share with you how in many little changes FB has altered my world.

1. I first noticed that non of my contacts in my phone had pics to go with them...darn now I had to look at the name.
2. I noticed that I had a lot of down time where I was wondering what others where doing?
3. It really swept me to sea alone and with no life lines when it comes to playing Candy Crush. I can't send messages to my friends to send me more lives...tragic, simple tragic!!!
4. I had to text a lot more since I didn't have the ability to use the chat/messaging. 
5. I could blog and blog but I would not have a way to share all of the wonderful nuggets of wisdom haha! without posting to my FB timeline.
6. I'm all about some Instagram but its just not the same if you can't link it to your FB?!
7. You also can't check out other peoples drama so that you can feel so superior resting in the fact that their drama is soooo far worse then yours ever was. 
8. Wow I didn't realize how many people I tended to chat with due to FB IM.
9. I was also shocked at how many times I went to press my FB app on my phone.
10. I have been the whole time hoping that I was missed in some small way...I know, kind-of pathetic...but thats the way I roll. 
11. Oh, and yeah it seems that I no longer know the day that any of my friends came into this world since when you deactivate your FB it no longer syncs Birthdays with your calendar.
12. It's no longer the first thing that I look at in the morning while I lounge in bed tying to talk myself into making it to the kitchen without first having any coffee to get me to said place to get the coffee I need to even move.
and #13. 
The most important life change for me is that I don't always go to the gym, but when I do I would Always check in. haha!!!! Man all those time and not a single checkin...almost a waste of gym time!! haha 
But I'm sure pretty soon I will be returning to the land of the I mean...Facebook. 
No, I have't gone all off the grid, "Down with the facebook" crazy. I will be returning shortly...but till then I guess my outlet of expression will be in the form of my blog. 

I'm kind of curious to how many of "My Friends" even noticed I was gone?? LOL

~Till Next Time 

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