Tuesday, July 30, 2013

It's All A Balancing Act

     Tying to balance life seems to be something I'm not the best at. I tend to focus on one thing and let the others get away from me. One example is that I can be totally focused on work once school starts in Aug. I will throw myself into it and almost live at school. The only problem is that I tend to let the other important things in my life take a backseat. I find that I am not reading and praying like I should and I sure am not making time to go to the gym. It's like when I try to get one part of my life in order the others tend to slide. I will do so good at having my quite time with God and then I try to add getting healthy and going to the gym and it seems one is not going to make it long. This school year I am going to try and really work on having better balance in my life. I know that this will not be easy since there will be a lot of changes at work. I also really need to get my finances in order. I got back onto my budget and using the Dave Ramsey program to get a handle on my debt. Again this is another area of my life that I tend to good in for a while and then lose focus...I have to stay focused on the end goal!!

     I will just go ahead and say it now...to all the Moms out there
that take care of a home and the lil people that occupy it, You Rock! I really don't know how some of you juggle all that you do?? I wonder how much of a challenage it is to find time with God, fold the laundry, and take care of what can sometimes be compared to as miniature drunks (Please, no one get your feelings hurt about that...I just think that it's pretty funny and sometimes very accurate. haha!!!) 

     I was reading "Weird...Because Normal isn't Working" while I peddled away at the gym (my attempt at multi tasking in the hopes of remaining balanced). I have read the book before and came across a few things that I highlighted. There was a really good quote that I had highlighted and seems that its something I needed to read again. 
"Normal people allow good things to become the enemy of the best thing."
This was another one that I had highlighted as well.
 "God will often give you more than you can handle so you can learn to depend on him rather than on yourself."
I think so many times I lose my balance because I'm trying to do it on my own, in my own strength. I need to focus on God and what He wants to do in my life and not becomes so busy with things. I love one of the challenges that the author Craig gives the reader. He says to create a To-Don't List. I love to do list so much but I really need to create my own To-Don't list. He says that in todays day and age being busy it the normal thing to do. But so many times we load ourselves up with things that keep us busy we lose sight of the best things. He says that we need to reduce the activities that overload us and cause us to be so busy we are to busy for the Good and Right things for our lives. 

So I started on my To-Don't list:
1. Don't put things before my relationship with God. 
2. Don't take on any more clubs, sponsorships, committee chairs, after school activities, or responsibilities at work.
3. Don't stay late at work more than once or twice a week. 
4. Don't use all of my planning period to chat, get stuff done!
5. Don't give up on my budget. Buckle down and "Live like no one else, so Later I can live like no one else."
6. Don't be afraid to say No.
7. Don't let the changes that come overwhelm me. Remember that this year's motto is, "It's no big deal."
8. Don't give up family time because of work, tiredness, or laziness. 
9. Don't spend my whole weekend working on lesson plans.
10. Don't forget to maintain some type of exercise plan. "Endorphins make people happy!"

     So, thats my list. Some will be easier than others to do, but I hope that having a goal will help me this school year to maintain some type of balance in my life. 

~Till Next Time


mom said...

good planning I think you should make a pretty poster and put it up so you can remind yourself thats how you remember things

mom said...

give me the list also and I will help you LOL

lindsey said...

this is a great post...needed it myself! and btw I am cracking up at your last post. when I started reading it, I was vaguely getting an image of a mouse at camp and then Bri totally brought it back to me! that was a funny night...oh those were the days...hahaha excuse me while I reminisce :). miss you friends!!