Friday, August 30, 2013

We Said Goodbye Today

     Today was my last day at my first and only school  I've ever taught at. We finished all the packing, taught the last class and hauled the last load. It was a little weird for me today. This was the school that I was first hired at 5 years ago. I was fresh out of Nicholls education program and wanted to go home to teach for a few years to get my feet wet in the classroom. We were all still in recovery mode in my hometown and the school board did what they had to to provide our kids with a place they could call home till the new school would be built. It has been a crazy 5 years thats for sure! Being in a temporary modular school we have had our share of challenges. I was not like some of the teachers that started there right after returning to the Parish after Katrina. They really had some obstacles, like no walk ways, no covers over the walkways from class to class, sharing rooms with other teachers, and even having the kids eating bag lunches in the classroom till the cafeteria was up and running. But no matter when you started at South Plaquemines High it has always been interesting. Whether it's been dealing with the rain, flooded parking lots, families of raccoons loitering in the hallways,  kids finding snakes on their way from gym to your class, gnats and more gnats, small classrooms, sketchy technology, or trailers serving as libraries and cafeterias. Now even with all of that it has been our home and we were proud of what we had, but we always held on to the hope of our new home to come. Here are a few pics to relive the good and not so good times at South Plaq. High.

Homecoming. We were scrabble pieces...good times!

My very small art room that used to be a home ec classroom.

After a really really hard day LOL!

This is what our hallways look like.

 Teacher verses students tug-a-war. Our crazy pop-up gym

I haven't had a desk in 3 years, just a table. It will be so nice to have a really desk!

Posted this in April:
The "hallway" right out my classroom ready to be in a real school with hallways!! Just praying hard its this fall!

 Our "Parkinglake" as I like to call it. And Yep, this is where we found an alligator chilling
What my kids like to call "The Struggle" lol

   But I'm sure that even some of the craziest times at our old school will be laughed about and remembered because no matter what we did we had to do with what we had. We were in it all together and we are stronger and more appreciative because of our time there. 

     Now as we look forward to our new home, our new SPHS, I'm sure we will really enjoy all of the perks to having a new school. I think for a while my overall favorite part of the new school will be having real hallways and not worrying about getting rained on! Oh, and my fantastic, amazing, awesome, new room. There is still a lot of work left to do and I'm sure it will be some time before it really starts to feel like home. But again we are in this together and I don't know of a better family then the ones I have as SPHS. I'm not going to post any pics of my class just yet...It's a HUGE mess and I can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. But I got a lot done today and going back again in the morning. Will post some pics of my room as it progresses. 

~Till Next Time

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birth Is Messy!

     So I was thinking today about all of the changes we are going through as we move into our new school. Things have been crazy, communication has not always been the best, and for the most part things have looked really a mess and all over the place. This morning I was reading my Bible and thanking God for really helping me to not worry and stress about things I have no control over. And as I was doing that I thought about how change is a lot like birth, its MESSY!! 

     Now my normal MO for change and things out of my control is to stress, worry, complain, and overall try in someway to take back control in any way I can. I usually allow the stressful situation to cause me to have headaches, and worrying in the past has kept me from getting sleep. This was all part of the reason I was on the meds. With all of the changes I knew were coming this year and my decision to try and control my stress and type A personality with natural remedies, I was a little afraid that I maybe I wouldn't be able to do it. You see stress and worrying are things that I don't always know I'm doing and I was really hoping I wouldn't fall back to my old ways. But thankfully in the midst of the messy birth of something new I'm learning.

     It's really no wonder why I would be thinking about birth and comparing things to it since it seems EVERYONE around me is either pregnant or has recently popped out a kid. And when I was having my Ally McBeal moment (you can read all about it Hear for a good laugh) I went and checked out baby birth on Youtube. Now let me tell you that was an experience! I still can't believe that there are people that would let someone all up in their "business" to video them squeezing a kid out, and then they let them post it for all the world to see. Yes, I know its a natural part of life but I'm just not all about posting all of myself out there like that...but I guess if someone hadn't then I would not have been able to view it haha!!  Anyway, I watched this hippie chick give birth in a stream in a rainforest. Seems she wanted her child to be in touch with nature...ok? If and when I have a kid it will get to be in touch with  all of the wonders of the medical world...just saying. But I keep getting off track, the thing that really hit me (after I got over the fact that this lady was letting someone all up in her whoha) was that the birth of something was messy, sometimes uncomfortable, and not always controllable. The thing is that once its all said and done you don't really think all that much about the craziness, the moments of discomfort, or the feeling of non control. You are just happy and focused on the result of the change. 

Kind of feels like
we have fallen through the
rabbit hole haha!
     Right now our school and our work life is a BIG mess, things are all over. Poor Mrs Green has 600 boxes that is the library. My stuff is strung from our old school to the new school, all over the hallways and God only knows where else. Kids are coming tomorrow for a walk through and there are no desks in some classrooms, the cleaning crew and construction crew are still working and some areas you can't even go because its still under construction. We only have one week till we really make the move and start classes. Now in the past I would have been really freaking out, but surprisingly I really am just sticking to "It's No Big Deal!" It's no big deal because in the end all of the mess and craziness will be worth it when we have the result...our beautiful new school. Oh, for those of you who may not know the whole story, we have been in a temporary modular school since Katrina...this new school has been a long time coming. 

     It was funny because yesterday I had 3 different people I work with tell me about how crazy things are and that this was a big mess (and yep I totally agree with them!)...oh, and that they saw my stuff still in the hallway and not in my room. I have to say that I was so thankful that God let me just say, "Oh well, it's no big deal." I'm sure that when we look back in 6 months all of this really won't be that big a deal. We will no doubt look at some of the pics of the craziness that was posted on FB (poor Green and all of her boxes) and we will recall the day that we moved boxes out, and then in, then out again, and we will have a good laugh. But right now it's the birth of something new and its MESSY and not a lot of it do we have control over. But we do have control over how we respond to situations so here are a few of the ways I'm going to try and respond to all of this:

1. I'm not going to stress. 
2. I can't do anything in my classroom but I can help someone else that may need it. Green I'm coming tomorrow to help with the mighty 600! haha
3. I can remember that, this to shall pass. Its all about the end result.
4. I'm going to be super thankful and appreciative for all that our Awesome janitorial staff and Mrs Felicia are doing!

    So I know some of you may have read this and thought, "Wow, this chick really needs a life...whats the big deal it's just a school." Well, it is just a school but it's my school, my kids, my job, and my life. When it involves something that makes up a large part of your life it seems to be kind of a big deal. 

This is what I do. This is who I am. No apologies.

~Till Next Time

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Some Little Changes...

     As I've stated in my other recent blog posts, I have been making some small changes to my life lately. Some of them are to do with my motto, "It's No Big Deal. While the others have to  do with my health and lifestyle. Here are some of the changes that I have recently made:

1. Started going to the gym and or doing my pilates and yoga.

2. Substituting at least one, sometimes two, meals for green smoothies. 

3. Making myself get more sleep.

4. Switched from artificial sweetners to Stevia.

5. Cut back on my coffee and having at least one cup of green tea at night.

6. Reading my Bible more as well at spiritually uplifting books. 

7. Cut back on my time spent working on school stuff during the weekend. Meaning I'm doing more during my planning period. 

8. Weening myself off of my anti anxiety medicaton and switching over to natural alternatives (working out has been a huge help I believe!)

9. Reduced the things that I'm involved with at work. Learning that the word No is not a bad word.

10. Taking time out to spend with my family.

11. Making time for my art.

12. Letting go of situations that I can't control and being more flexible.

13. Reducing stuff and de-cluttering my life.

So, those are a few of the changes that I have made and I have to say that I have seen some great benefits. I have been feeling so much better (I still get sore from my workouts but I guess that just comes with it). I have not been as stressed, I haven't had a migraine in a while, my complexion seems to be better, I have still been managing my stress even with the changes I'm making to my meds, and I'm not letting myself get overloaded at work. 
One of my morning smoothies.
Barley life, flaxseed, few drops of stevia, kale,
spinach, pineapple, raspberries, almond milk,
a splash of apple juice,
and a scoop of vanilla protein powder
....Mmmm so good!!!
I love the green smoothies that I've added to my diet and really feel like they are helping with my digestion, health, and added energy. It's really been all about making the small changes to my diet. I've really cut back on my sweets and intake of sugar. I drink a LOT more water during the day, more fruit and less processed foods. 

I've even started to add flaxseed and Barley Life to my smoothies.  
I haven't really lost any weight but I'm more focused on being healthy...don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds haha!  But I have seen some changes to my body. Some of the changes I'm not all happy with, such as the fact that it seems my legs are bulking up. I have even tried riding the bike with very little resistance so not to build anymore muscle but it still seems like my calves and outer thigh muscles are getting big. How do I get them to thin out when it seems that biking and walking just bulk them up???  

     I'm also super excited to be taking a painting class this semester. I have been tossing around the idea of going back for my masters and I needed one more studio class if I decide to go for it. It's so funny, my kids were like, "What?? You're taking a painting class??" I told them that you never stop learning and  just because I teach doesn't mean that I don't still need to learn and practice my skills. Plus taking this class pushes me to work on my art. 
This is what moving a whole art room and 5 years of teaching looks like! I don't Ever want to do this again!!!!!
Things at work have been quite interesting in the past few weeks. We are in the middle of moving from our old school to the new one and its been just a tad bit crazy! I can't believe how much stuff I had in that little crazy room that I've been in. But I'm proud to say that I have even de-cluttered in my classroom. I got rid of a bunch of things that I really just didn't need or used. I still have not been able to start setting up my new classroom since they are still doing work in it. Yesterday was the first official visit and tour for all of the faculty and I was super happy to find that there were people in my classroom installing the pigtails (electrical boxes hanging from the ceiling to each work area) in my classroom!! How exciting to not have to run extension cords across the room when my kids need to use a glue gun or other item that needs to plug in!!! I also found out that all of the supplies that I ordered will be delivered in 2 weeks....So many supplies!!!! It's really like Christmas! It was also fun to get to see the faces of the teachers as they saw their new classrooms for the first time. Right now we are still getting everything together and there is still a lot of work left to do but it's such a beautiful school!!
Things with the move in have been crazy, my stuff is all over the place, my room is not ready, and I'm not sure when they will be done working in my room. But..."It's No Big Deal!" I have been focusing on trying to do the little things that I can do to get ready for when I finally do get in. I can't wait to post pics of my classroom all done, clean, organized, and decorated :)

So in the spirit of my motto for this year I saw this on Pinterest and fell in love with it. hehe

I have a feeling that I will be saying this over and over as Homecoming is almost upon us. haha!! 

~Till Next Time :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Today Would Be A Lovely Day To Be A Butterfly...


...Yes, yes it is!
    Well, the surprises continued yet again today. So I figured instead of trying to fly against the wind I was best just riding the breeze.
 I got to the point that I just started checking Powerteacher (our online grade book and attendance book) every hour. I was just about to open it to put in my roll for first period when in walks a new student to my Art 1 class. She tells me that they just changed her schedule and put her into Art 2 in my Art 1 first period class. Oh Yay! So now I'm teaching Art 1, 2, and 3 all mixed together and I also still have my maxed out Fine Arts class. So here I am in Art 1 trying to get my students started on their project. I've got my Art 3 (pottery) kid at a side table and now I have to try and find all my Art 2 curriculum. I wasn't supposed to teach Art 2 till next semester and so that meant that I didn't have anything together. No syllabus, projects...nothing. In the past this would have totally threw me off, and I have to say made me pretty mad, especially because yet again have they done this to me and haven't even asked me. No, "Sylvia would you mind teaching a whole different class content to one student in one of your other classes. Nope, I get the student walking in and telling me! So I did what I have been doing all week, I laughed and said, "It's No Big Deal." I'm happy to say that not only did we roll with this but that Art 2 student started her first project today... Oh yeah!! 
     But having all of this craziness I still have had some great silver linings. One of them seems to be that me and the "bad" kids seem to click. I'm not sure what that says about me haha!! No really there were a few kids that I had heard about prior to them coming into my class and I have to say I was a lil apprehensive about how they were going to do in my class. I don't know but I like them! haha! My silver lining though today was when one of my fellow teachers told me that she heard one of the "difficult" students saying how much he loved my class and another student comment about how much work he was actually doing in my class. Then one of the other students that I have started to really like and has been doing so good found out that they had to change his schedule for graduation reasons. Another student actually was the one to tell me, they said that they had just seen him and he was very upset about being taken out of my class. I was upset for him. I knew that the class that they put him in was going to be a situation for a behavior issue. So I went to the counselor and explained what was going on and if there was any way to leave him in my class. It was funny and a little sad to hear that they were shocked that any teacher would want this kids in their class. So they were able to put him back in. I saw him in the hall on his way to the bus and it made my day when he had this HUGE smile and said,"Ms Latham, they took me out of your class but I got back in!!" 
His smile got even bigger (and this kid has the best smile, the kind that seems to make his whole face smile) and he really surprised when I told him I knew and had told them that he wanted and I wanted him back in my class. I didn't think to much of it till I was telling one of my coworkers the story and she told me, "Your probably the only teacher thats has ever said you wanted him in your class." One of those moments when your heart breaks just a little and you realize that sometimes the things that you don't think too much about can make a huge impact on someone else. 

After today I saw this quote on my Pinterest board and it really seemed to drive home what I was thinking about. I have to do this, I have to behave in a way that I would want to be remember. Students will come and go and in the grand scheme of things I will have a small time with them. I want to leave a good impression, a mark that makes a difference. I want to be "that" teacher, the one that people look back and recall. I'm sure for some of my past students they will remember some crazy times with the Crazy art teacher. But I also hope that some of the other good things have been impressed upon them. I hope that in some way that I can make them realize that they do count, people do want them, they can do something and do it well, and that they can be more then than labels that others have placed on them. The semester that I student taught I went and got a tattoo on my foot. Now this was a big deal for me and I wanted it to have meaning. Student teaching had its ups and downs and after all of the reflections that I was forced to do thanks to Nicholls Dept of ED I realized that I wanted to be a teacher that not only taught but was a learner as well. I wanted to learn from my students and then take the good and carry it to the next group I was given. 
I was cutting grass one day when I saw a butterfly and I got to thinking about how they are colorful and fun and seem to flit from here and there...and well everyone loves a butterfly. Also for such delicate looking creatures that still seem to get where they are going. I thought about this and also how their little feet get covered in pollen when they land on that flower and then they flit off to the next one and deposit a little pollen on to the next flower. I thought, "Yeah, as a teacher I want to be a butterfly!" You see I want to be fun and colorful but I want to have a purpose. Some people may think I'm like that butterfly, weak or just flitting around but I'm strong and flapping my wings. As I go through my teaching life, I want to land on my flower/class, deposit some pollen/good, pick up more/learn from them, and take that with me as I move along. I want to learn from all the flowers that get placed in my path and make change and a difference as I move along. I think we should all be doing that in life. Picking up what is good from an experience and taking it with as to make a difference in those that are place next in our life. 
So after that crazy long (and maybe a tad bit confusing) explanation...I got a butterfly on my foot  
My Butterfly

  Reminding myself that I'm to be a butterfly. Pick up the good and deposit it in others, remember that change isn't the end, flap my wings and fly but sometimes I just need to ride the breeze.

~Till Next Time

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Yes, I Can Squeeze In Another Student...It's No Big Deal!

     Can you guess where the students go when they are: not on track to a 4 year college, not honor students, students that have a hard time in a lecture type class so they end up being behavior issue, kids with ADD and special education needs, those that can't take AP classes, students who are trying to get out of classes like english and math or what they consider "hard" classes, or those seniors that just need a class to fill their schedule?? Yep, they go to the Art Room!  

     To say that it's been an interesting first 2 days of school would not be doing it justice. I have been trying to enjoy all of the lil surprises and alterations to my classes (I really have!). 

You know what they say, never say you're going to do something unless you really want to be tested in that area. Well, I said that my motto for this school year was going to be, "It's No Big Deal." Yep, you guessed it, I have been tested in this. 

You see I'm a bit of a control freak, with a dash of OCD, a deep rooted need to organize, and still struggle with unaware changes. So I knew that going into the school year with my chosen motto was going to be a bit of a challenge for me. So when I saw that my class that can only seat 12 had 20, and that some of those students were well known "challenges" I said, "It's No BIG deal." 
But it was a bit of a stretch for me when I was told that they were going also be adding other classes to my schedule (this was also done without me being asked). SoI was told that I would have an Art 3 (Pottery) student in with my "Fun" Art 1 class in my 1st Period. I would have 25 in a classroom for 12 (But it's only for 3 weeks till I get my new room, which can seat 25 kids. Praise Jesus!!!!) for my 2nd Period Fine Arts class, and they were going to fill my 4th Period Art 1 with more students and maybe even through in an Art 3 (Pottery) student. But I am not the only one with craziness going on. All of us have been going through a lot of schedule changes, the poor Jr high just found out that their whole day was changing and they where going back to an 8 period day. So we all are pitching in and "Taking one for the team" as our principal like to tell us.

     But I do have to brag on my kids. Today while I was trying to figure out what to do with the extra kids in my class that had no place to sit, my class was sooooo good!!! I ended up having to get a table from the side of our maintenance shed and had kids that jumped in to help. Then as I cleaned up all of the mud and gunk off of the table, and had spiders and frogs jumping out of it, kids jumped in again and helped catch the critters (I killed the spiders).  So while I'm doing all of this there was half of the class that had not been there yesterday when we started on a project. This turned out to be a GREAT opportunity for my kids to peer teach! I told all of the students that had started the project to grab a partner that needed instructions and to teach them the start of the project. The kids were AWESOME and helped each other and I was so proud to hear kids explaining class procedures for checking out supplies and going over things that I hadn't got to yet since I was cleaning a muddy table and trying to find chairs for kids to sit at said table. 

So I then had my small moment and went to vent to my friend down the hall. She was so awesome and came in and helped me turn a computer table into seating for students and move my whole classroom around to squeeze a lot of kids into a very small space. Thanks Ang for all of your help!!!!! I am so fortunate to work with such great people! There are just so many changes taking place, with the lead up to our move to the new school, adding classes to our schedule, and what seems to be an influx of students that we have no idea of where they are coming from. But I'm proud to say that I am sticking to my motto!! 

     Also, tonight as I was thinking about my kids and the ones that seem to end up in my class I realized something about them Yes, they may be all of the things that I listed above, and they may not be the kids that always celebrate a lot of academic achievement in the form of being placed in honors or AP, but sometimes a class like mine is just what they need. I get the ADD kids, I am one. I understand those kids that struggle in math and english, I did and still do. I understand what a kid with dyslexia sees when they look at something, I see it too. I know what its like to be in a class and feel lost and behind and try to find something to keep me occupied, or feel like I'm about to burst because someone told me I have to go 90 min without talking. I know that I need to actual see it, have some explain it to me, and then actual do it before I get it. 

So yeah, this may not be the "perfect" class but it's ok...Like my mom always tells me "I live in my own world but it's ok they know me here." In my class it may be our own little crazy world, but it's ok we know each other there. This group of kids, well they are my mission field, my responsibility, my crazy lil world. I'm sure we will have our ups and downs (I will always win of course) but hey it wouldn't be teaching if we didn't. I'm not here to just teach. I'm hear to teach that group of kids that they can do something and be good at it. I'm going to try and teach them to have pride in what they produce, wither it be a poster, painting, or if its just producing a day without giving up. I'm sure both them and I will learn a lot more then art this semester, and I hope that we both walk away better because of it.
Making this into a poster for above my desk
So the best part is we get to do it all over again tomorrow. But I got this ;)

~Tell Next Time

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Popular Postings...

     I guess it still amazes me that there are people that read my ramblings. Seems that two recent post were quite popular. I had 63 people read my last blog post (in 2 days!) and had the most likes ever on one of my recent FB statues updates. 

     So for those of you that were wondering what natural supplement Im taking instead of my Wellbutrin its called L-Theanine. I got it from Amazon and read a ton of info on it online. Im not yet taking it every day since I have to gradually come off of the Wellbutrin. 

Also, just to give you an update on my Stevia use. I won't lie it takes a bit to get use to it. I have been using it in my coffee and tea for 4 days now and it's getting better. It's not that it taste bad...just different. This brand is by far the best that I have tried and I don't find that it leaves an after taste like some of them I have tried. 

     As far as the FB status that got so many likes. Well, it was what I posted my first day back at school.  This was what I wrote:

Going into my 5th year as a teacher and I'm still a lil nervous and excited about the first day.
Jesus I ask that you would pour out your spirit on our school. Father let me be an example for you and help me to remember that my life is the only Bible some may every see. Give my classes and my classroom your peace and help me to be the teacher my students need. Help me to see them for who they are, your children. Let me meet more then just their educational needs, be open to learn from them, and to be an example of your love. Let me make a difference in my students lives. Even if what I do only changes, gives hope, or creates an excited learner in even just one student then all that I do will be worth it! Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of your plans at SPHS. Bless all of our faculty a staff. Give them a presence of peace and renewal as the stress of a new year may try to pull them from the important things. 

     I have to say that the first day went great. I have to say that I even surprised myself with the above prayer and decided that it was something I wanted to post where I can see it often to remind me of my purpose.

     Oh, if you're looking for a really good book check out Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No 
It's a great book that is helping me to set boundaries in my life so that I can remain balanced. It's helping to realize that saying No is not wrong and can help me to maintain the type of life that can focus on the right things.

~Till Next Time

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summers Over, Changes, First Day, and Looking To The Big Move...But It's No Big Deal :)

     Wow is it really Aug??!!! I'm always amazed at how it seems that summer seems to go by faster and faster every year. So like many of my fellow teachers I had my first day back on Fri. Of course like most of my teacher friends I have been to work at school here and there before Fri. I really did not do as much in my classroom as I had in past years. Mostly due to the fact that they are telling us that we will start to pack up in two weeks for the BIG move to our new school. It was very strange for me to not have my classroom all decked out, decorated, labeled, color coded and what some may call crazy cluttered chaos. But all the extras just didn't seem logical considering we were going to be in our old school for 3 weeks. So I did what I needed to to get by and left the rest packed from the summer clean up. I did enjoy my summer and I had to laugh when I saw this pic below, mostly because I took pics very similar to the ones below

My summer

PCB with friends and family
Spent most of June in Europe
Had a little fun and dyed my hair blue for the summer
Had me some great beach reading time!
I slept in quite often. Was in bed late one morning and rolled over to see this haha... seems Mr Bingley was ready for me to get out of bed. 
So it seems that maybe I am most of these cliches that people seems to think about teachers LOL!!!

     This summer I also started to make some changes. I started to go to the gym and making some changes in my eating habits. I also decided that I wanted to replace some things in my life with more natural replacements. I have switched from Splenda to Stevia, drinking protein smoothies for at least one meal a day, and cutting back on coffee, junk food, and processed food. I was pretty excited today. I met a goal that I have been working towards, to run a full mile and not feel like I was about to throw up my guts haha!! I have been doing 10-15 miles on the bike and walking/running 2 miles. I usually walk and then run and switch back and forth in intervals. But today I was able to run a full mile without stopping!! 

     In my last blog post I talked about trying to balance some of my changes, foster a life that seeks to honor God, and all the demands that come with my job. Well, with school having started I so far have done a good job with the balancing act. One of the big changes that I have decided on is to get off of my anxiety meds. I have always had a type A personality and my stress management was not good when I started teaching. I took on way too many extras on top of teaching and just couldn't handle the stress. 
Here are a few pics of my recent reorganization...I've decided to declutter my life.
Love Love that everything has a place!
Love how my t-shirt drawer looks after some
organization and creative folding
I'm also a bit OCD and have always struggled with how I dealt with stressful situations. But now I have learned what is too much for me, how to deal with stressful situations a little better and I have learned to say NO! It helps to have an understanding of what type of a load you are able to handle and when to say no when things are going to overload you. I have decided that I just 
no longer want to depend on these medications, plus who knows what the lasting affects are? So I have found some natural alternatives. I am hoping that with the use of this vitamins and some of my lifestyle changes (exercise and diet) I will not have to return to the use of prescription medication. I know that I tend to joke that my first year of teaching made me go on meds, but I'm also glad that I have found what I can and cannot handle. 

    So there's nothing better then the start of a new school year. Plus it's a great time of the year to make changes. I'm going on my 5th year at SPHS and looking forward to the move to my new classroom!!! I have been pinning great classroom ideas like crazy and getting all kinds of ideas for my new art room. Here are a few pics of my classroom, its still under construction but coming together.
The back of my classroom. It will be the pottery section on the other side
of the half wall and will have 5 pottery wheels.
The front of my 1200sq foot classroom. Where my Smartboard will be and desk.
The art section. Going to overlook the football field. Will have drafting tables
and be able to seat 25 students.
This side of the classroom will have an art display wall.
It will be a huge pegboard from floor to ceiling with track lighting.  

And one of my favorite rooms, my 90sq foot storage room.
Love the locking students lockers for their art supplies and projects.

     Here are a few ideas that I think I'm going to use in my classroom. I love this theme from

But in this coral color

I want to create a look like this with a bunch of different size frames. I want to take a group/"Family" photo of each class period to hang up.
another one

Love this to organize all the little but necessary classroom supplies

I am going to make one of these for my new desk (I haven't had a real desk in 3 years!)

Love how clean and organized this looks!!!

Love these!!!

For my objectives

Love this girls blog and her classroom!!!

So yeah, I'm pretty excited about getting started on my new classroom!!! I just talked to the contractor and they are about to start installing my 2 kilns in my kiln room...makes me want to do the happy dance!!!  But I do know that with all the moving and changes things will get a lil stressful. But I'm sticking to my motto for this year. I decided that I would adopt the motto of, "It's No Big Deal." And I have to say that I stuck with it on Fri when my schedule was a mess, and when I looked at my rooster and saw that they had 15 more kids in my class then I had seating for LOL!! So I'm sure it will all work out and settle down next week. The first day is always a little crazy. But I was very proud of our kids and how flexible they were. We had a Great first day and looking forward to a great first full week. 

~Till Next Time