Sunday, August 25, 2013

Birth Is Messy!

     So I was thinking today about all of the changes we are going through as we move into our new school. Things have been crazy, communication has not always been the best, and for the most part things have looked really a mess and all over the place. This morning I was reading my Bible and thanking God for really helping me to not worry and stress about things I have no control over. And as I was doing that I thought about how change is a lot like birth, its MESSY!! 

     Now my normal MO for change and things out of my control is to stress, worry, complain, and overall try in someway to take back control in any way I can. I usually allow the stressful situation to cause me to have headaches, and worrying in the past has kept me from getting sleep. This was all part of the reason I was on the meds. With all of the changes I knew were coming this year and my decision to try and control my stress and type A personality with natural remedies, I was a little afraid that I maybe I wouldn't be able to do it. You see stress and worrying are things that I don't always know I'm doing and I was really hoping I wouldn't fall back to my old ways. But thankfully in the midst of the messy birth of something new I'm learning.

     It's really no wonder why I would be thinking about birth and comparing things to it since it seems EVERYONE around me is either pregnant or has recently popped out a kid. And when I was having my Ally McBeal moment (you can read all about it Hear for a good laugh) I went and checked out baby birth on Youtube. Now let me tell you that was an experience! I still can't believe that there are people that would let someone all up in their "business" to video them squeezing a kid out, and then they let them post it for all the world to see. Yes, I know its a natural part of life but I'm just not all about posting all of myself out there like that...but I guess if someone hadn't then I would not have been able to view it haha!!  Anyway, I watched this hippie chick give birth in a stream in a rainforest. Seems she wanted her child to be in touch with nature...ok? If and when I have a kid it will get to be in touch with  all of the wonders of the medical world...just saying. But I keep getting off track, the thing that really hit me (after I got over the fact that this lady was letting someone all up in her whoha) was that the birth of something was messy, sometimes uncomfortable, and not always controllable. The thing is that once its all said and done you don't really think all that much about the craziness, the moments of discomfort, or the feeling of non control. You are just happy and focused on the result of the change. 

Kind of feels like
we have fallen through the
rabbit hole haha!
     Right now our school and our work life is a BIG mess, things are all over. Poor Mrs Green has 600 boxes that is the library. My stuff is strung from our old school to the new school, all over the hallways and God only knows where else. Kids are coming tomorrow for a walk through and there are no desks in some classrooms, the cleaning crew and construction crew are still working and some areas you can't even go because its still under construction. We only have one week till we really make the move and start classes. Now in the past I would have been really freaking out, but surprisingly I really am just sticking to "It's No Big Deal!" It's no big deal because in the end all of the mess and craziness will be worth it when we have the result...our beautiful new school. Oh, for those of you who may not know the whole story, we have been in a temporary modular school since Katrina...this new school has been a long time coming. 

     It was funny because yesterday I had 3 different people I work with tell me about how crazy things are and that this was a big mess (and yep I totally agree with them!)...oh, and that they saw my stuff still in the hallway and not in my room. I have to say that I was so thankful that God let me just say, "Oh well, it's no big deal." I'm sure that when we look back in 6 months all of this really won't be that big a deal. We will no doubt look at some of the pics of the craziness that was posted on FB (poor Green and all of her boxes) and we will recall the day that we moved boxes out, and then in, then out again, and we will have a good laugh. But right now it's the birth of something new and its MESSY and not a lot of it do we have control over. But we do have control over how we respond to situations so here are a few of the ways I'm going to try and respond to all of this:

1. I'm not going to stress. 
2. I can't do anything in my classroom but I can help someone else that may need it. Green I'm coming tomorrow to help with the mighty 600! haha
3. I can remember that, this to shall pass. Its all about the end result.
4. I'm going to be super thankful and appreciative for all that our Awesome janitorial staff and Mrs Felicia are doing!

    So I know some of you may have read this and thought, "Wow, this chick really needs a life...whats the big deal it's just a school." Well, it is just a school but it's my school, my kids, my job, and my life. When it involves something that makes up a large part of your life it seems to be kind of a big deal. 

This is what I do. This is who I am. No apologies.

~Till Next Time

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Ceil said...

Hi Sylvia! So many good things here!

I love the idea that birth is messy, not to mention painful. My kids are adopted, but I would definitely go for the medical stuff. That stream? I can gaze on it later when I get overwhelmed!

And that photo and saying at the end was so great. It made me laugh. 'I'm so different' indeed. Thank goodness!

Always love your posts, my friend. So happy we met!