Sunday, August 11, 2013

Popular Postings...

     I guess it still amazes me that there are people that read my ramblings. Seems that two recent post were quite popular. I had 63 people read my last blog post (in 2 days!) and had the most likes ever on one of my recent FB statues updates. 

     So for those of you that were wondering what natural supplement Im taking instead of my Wellbutrin its called L-Theanine. I got it from Amazon and read a ton of info on it online. Im not yet taking it every day since I have to gradually come off of the Wellbutrin. 

Also, just to give you an update on my Stevia use. I won't lie it takes a bit to get use to it. I have been using it in my coffee and tea for 4 days now and it's getting better. It's not that it taste bad...just different. This brand is by far the best that I have tried and I don't find that it leaves an after taste like some of them I have tried. 

     As far as the FB status that got so many likes. Well, it was what I posted my first day back at school.  This was what I wrote:

Going into my 5th year as a teacher and I'm still a lil nervous and excited about the first day.
Jesus I ask that you would pour out your spirit on our school. Father let me be an example for you and help me to remember that my life is the only Bible some may every see. Give my classes and my classroom your peace and help me to be the teacher my students need. Help me to see them for who they are, your children. Let me meet more then just their educational needs, be open to learn from them, and to be an example of your love. Let me make a difference in my students lives. Even if what I do only changes, gives hope, or creates an excited learner in even just one student then all that I do will be worth it! Thank you Lord for letting me be a part of your plans at SPHS. Bless all of our faculty a staff. Give them a presence of peace and renewal as the stress of a new year may try to pull them from the important things. 

     I have to say that the first day went great. I have to say that I even surprised myself with the above prayer and decided that it was something I wanted to post where I can see it often to remind me of my purpose.

     Oh, if you're looking for a really good book check out Boundaries: When To Say Yes, How to Say No 
It's a great book that is helping me to set boundaries in my life so that I can remain balanced. It's helping to realize that saying No is not wrong and can help me to maintain the type of life that can focus on the right things.

~Till Next Time

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Bri Blakney said...

I am so glad you are reading that book!! I love it and refer to it all of the time. Sooooo good!!!!!! Keep up the good work, Ms. Popular!! :)