Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summers Over, Changes, First Day, and Looking To The Big Move...But It's No Big Deal :)

     Wow is it really Aug??!!! I'm always amazed at how it seems that summer seems to go by faster and faster every year. So like many of my fellow teachers I had my first day back on Fri. Of course like most of my teacher friends I have been to work at school here and there before Fri. I really did not do as much in my classroom as I had in past years. Mostly due to the fact that they are telling us that we will start to pack up in two weeks for the BIG move to our new school. It was very strange for me to not have my classroom all decked out, decorated, labeled, color coded and what some may call crazy cluttered chaos. But all the extras just didn't seem logical considering we were going to be in our old school for 3 weeks. So I did what I needed to to get by and left the rest packed from the summer clean up. I did enjoy my summer and I had to laugh when I saw this pic below, mostly because I took pics very similar to the ones below

My summer

PCB with friends and family
Spent most of June in Europe
Had a little fun and dyed my hair blue for the summer
Had me some great beach reading time!
I slept in quite often. Was in bed late one morning and rolled over to see this haha... seems Mr Bingley was ready for me to get out of bed. 
So it seems that maybe I am most of these cliches that people seems to think about teachers LOL!!!

     This summer I also started to make some changes. I started to go to the gym and making some changes in my eating habits. I also decided that I wanted to replace some things in my life with more natural replacements. I have switched from Splenda to Stevia, drinking protein smoothies for at least one meal a day, and cutting back on coffee, junk food, and processed food. I was pretty excited today. I met a goal that I have been working towards, to run a full mile and not feel like I was about to throw up my guts haha!! I have been doing 10-15 miles on the bike and walking/running 2 miles. I usually walk and then run and switch back and forth in intervals. But today I was able to run a full mile without stopping!! 

     In my last blog post I talked about trying to balance some of my changes, foster a life that seeks to honor God, and all the demands that come with my job. Well, with school having started I so far have done a good job with the balancing act. One of the big changes that I have decided on is to get off of my anxiety meds. I have always had a type A personality and my stress management was not good when I started teaching. I took on way too many extras on top of teaching and just couldn't handle the stress. 
Here are a few pics of my recent reorganization...I've decided to declutter my life.
Love Love that everything has a place!
Love how my t-shirt drawer looks after some
organization and creative folding
I'm also a bit OCD and have always struggled with how I dealt with stressful situations. But now I have learned what is too much for me, how to deal with stressful situations a little better and I have learned to say NO! It helps to have an understanding of what type of a load you are able to handle and when to say no when things are going to overload you. I have decided that I just 
no longer want to depend on these medications, plus who knows what the lasting affects are? So I have found some natural alternatives. I am hoping that with the use of this vitamins and some of my lifestyle changes (exercise and diet) I will not have to return to the use of prescription medication. I know that I tend to joke that my first year of teaching made me go on meds, but I'm also glad that I have found what I can and cannot handle. 

    So there's nothing better then the start of a new school year. Plus it's a great time of the year to make changes. I'm going on my 5th year at SPHS and looking forward to the move to my new classroom!!! I have been pinning great classroom ideas like crazy and getting all kinds of ideas for my new art room. Here are a few pics of my classroom, its still under construction but coming together.
The back of my classroom. It will be the pottery section on the other side
of the half wall and will have 5 pottery wheels.
The front of my 1200sq foot classroom. Where my Smartboard will be and desk.
The art section. Going to overlook the football field. Will have drafting tables
and be able to seat 25 students.
This side of the classroom will have an art display wall.
It will be a huge pegboard from floor to ceiling with track lighting.  

And one of my favorite rooms, my 90sq foot storage room.
Love the locking students lockers for their art supplies and projects.

     Here are a few ideas that I think I'm going to use in my classroom. I love this theme from

But in this coral color

I want to create a look like this with a bunch of different size frames. I want to take a group/"Family" photo of each class period to hang up.
another one

Love this to organize all the little but necessary classroom supplies

I am going to make one of these for my new desk (I haven't had a real desk in 3 years!)

Love how clean and organized this looks!!!

Love these!!!

For my objectives

Love this girls blog and her classroom!!!

So yeah, I'm pretty excited about getting started on my new classroom!!! I just talked to the contractor and they are about to start installing my 2 kilns in my kiln room...makes me want to do the happy dance!!!  But I do know that with all the moving and changes things will get a lil stressful. But I'm sticking to my motto for this year. I decided that I would adopt the motto of, "It's No Big Deal." And I have to say that I stuck with it on Fri when my schedule was a mess, and when I looked at my rooster and saw that they had 15 more kids in my class then I had seating for LOL!! So I'm sure it will all work out and settle down next week. The first day is always a little crazy. But I was very proud of our kids and how flexible they were. We had a Great first day and looking forward to a great first full week. 

~Till Next Time

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Yeaaa syl you gonna do great! When things get tough just remember Dad and I are praying for you and the kids.