Friday, August 16, 2013

Today Would Be A Lovely Day To Be A Butterfly...


...Yes, yes it is!
    Well, the surprises continued yet again today. So I figured instead of trying to fly against the wind I was best just riding the breeze.
 I got to the point that I just started checking Powerteacher (our online grade book and attendance book) every hour. I was just about to open it to put in my roll for first period when in walks a new student to my Art 1 class. She tells me that they just changed her schedule and put her into Art 2 in my Art 1 first period class. Oh Yay! So now I'm teaching Art 1, 2, and 3 all mixed together and I also still have my maxed out Fine Arts class. So here I am in Art 1 trying to get my students started on their project. I've got my Art 3 (pottery) kid at a side table and now I have to try and find all my Art 2 curriculum. I wasn't supposed to teach Art 2 till next semester and so that meant that I didn't have anything together. No syllabus, projects...nothing. In the past this would have totally threw me off, and I have to say made me pretty mad, especially because yet again have they done this to me and haven't even asked me. No, "Sylvia would you mind teaching a whole different class content to one student in one of your other classes. Nope, I get the student walking in and telling me! So I did what I have been doing all week, I laughed and said, "It's No Big Deal." I'm happy to say that not only did we roll with this but that Art 2 student started her first project today... Oh yeah!! 
     But having all of this craziness I still have had some great silver linings. One of them seems to be that me and the "bad" kids seem to click. I'm not sure what that says about me haha!! No really there were a few kids that I had heard about prior to them coming into my class and I have to say I was a lil apprehensive about how they were going to do in my class. I don't know but I like them! haha! My silver lining though today was when one of my fellow teachers told me that she heard one of the "difficult" students saying how much he loved my class and another student comment about how much work he was actually doing in my class. Then one of the other students that I have started to really like and has been doing so good found out that they had to change his schedule for graduation reasons. Another student actually was the one to tell me, they said that they had just seen him and he was very upset about being taken out of my class. I was upset for him. I knew that the class that they put him in was going to be a situation for a behavior issue. So I went to the counselor and explained what was going on and if there was any way to leave him in my class. It was funny and a little sad to hear that they were shocked that any teacher would want this kids in their class. So they were able to put him back in. I saw him in the hall on his way to the bus and it made my day when he had this HUGE smile and said,"Ms Latham, they took me out of your class but I got back in!!" 
His smile got even bigger (and this kid has the best smile, the kind that seems to make his whole face smile) and he really surprised when I told him I knew and had told them that he wanted and I wanted him back in my class. I didn't think to much of it till I was telling one of my coworkers the story and she told me, "Your probably the only teacher thats has ever said you wanted him in your class." One of those moments when your heart breaks just a little and you realize that sometimes the things that you don't think too much about can make a huge impact on someone else. 

After today I saw this quote on my Pinterest board and it really seemed to drive home what I was thinking about. I have to do this, I have to behave in a way that I would want to be remember. Students will come and go and in the grand scheme of things I will have a small time with them. I want to leave a good impression, a mark that makes a difference. I want to be "that" teacher, the one that people look back and recall. I'm sure for some of my past students they will remember some crazy times with the Crazy art teacher. But I also hope that some of the other good things have been impressed upon them. I hope that in some way that I can make them realize that they do count, people do want them, they can do something and do it well, and that they can be more then than labels that others have placed on them. The semester that I student taught I went and got a tattoo on my foot. Now this was a big deal for me and I wanted it to have meaning. Student teaching had its ups and downs and after all of the reflections that I was forced to do thanks to Nicholls Dept of ED I realized that I wanted to be a teacher that not only taught but was a learner as well. I wanted to learn from my students and then take the good and carry it to the next group I was given. 
I was cutting grass one day when I saw a butterfly and I got to thinking about how they are colorful and fun and seem to flit from here and there...and well everyone loves a butterfly. Also for such delicate looking creatures that still seem to get where they are going. I thought about this and also how their little feet get covered in pollen when they land on that flower and then they flit off to the next one and deposit a little pollen on to the next flower. I thought, "Yeah, as a teacher I want to be a butterfly!" You see I want to be fun and colorful but I want to have a purpose. Some people may think I'm like that butterfly, weak or just flitting around but I'm strong and flapping my wings. As I go through my teaching life, I want to land on my flower/class, deposit some pollen/good, pick up more/learn from them, and take that with me as I move along. I want to learn from all the flowers that get placed in my path and make change and a difference as I move along. I think we should all be doing that in life. Picking up what is good from an experience and taking it with as to make a difference in those that are place next in our life. 
So after that crazy long (and maybe a tad bit confusing) explanation...I got a butterfly on my foot  
My Butterfly

  Reminding myself that I'm to be a butterfly. Pick up the good and deposit it in others, remember that change isn't the end, flap my wings and fly but sometimes I just need to ride the breeze.

~Till Next Time

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Ceil said...

Hi there! You are such a special teacher! You went to bat for a kid who probably doesn't have that happen, and you didn't take credit for it either. You are woman I need to be more like...really!

I love butterflies too.

Happy Monday, super-teacher!