Friday, August 30, 2013

We Said Goodbye Today

     Today was my last day at my first and only school  I've ever taught at. We finished all the packing, taught the last class and hauled the last load. It was a little weird for me today. This was the school that I was first hired at 5 years ago. I was fresh out of Nicholls education program and wanted to go home to teach for a few years to get my feet wet in the classroom. We were all still in recovery mode in my hometown and the school board did what they had to to provide our kids with a place they could call home till the new school would be built. It has been a crazy 5 years thats for sure! Being in a temporary modular school we have had our share of challenges. I was not like some of the teachers that started there right after returning to the Parish after Katrina. They really had some obstacles, like no walk ways, no covers over the walkways from class to class, sharing rooms with other teachers, and even having the kids eating bag lunches in the classroom till the cafeteria was up and running. But no matter when you started at South Plaquemines High it has always been interesting. Whether it's been dealing with the rain, flooded parking lots, families of raccoons loitering in the hallways,  kids finding snakes on their way from gym to your class, gnats and more gnats, small classrooms, sketchy technology, or trailers serving as libraries and cafeterias. Now even with all of that it has been our home and we were proud of what we had, but we always held on to the hope of our new home to come. Here are a few pics to relive the good and not so good times at South Plaq. High.

Homecoming. We were scrabble pieces...good times!

My very small art room that used to be a home ec classroom.

After a really really hard day LOL!

This is what our hallways look like.

 Teacher verses students tug-a-war. Our crazy pop-up gym

I haven't had a desk in 3 years, just a table. It will be so nice to have a really desk!

Posted this in April:
The "hallway" right out my classroom ready to be in a real school with hallways!! Just praying hard its this fall!

 Our "Parkinglake" as I like to call it. And Yep, this is where we found an alligator chilling
What my kids like to call "The Struggle" lol

   But I'm sure that even some of the craziest times at our old school will be laughed about and remembered because no matter what we did we had to do with what we had. We were in it all together and we are stronger and more appreciative because of our time there. 

     Now as we look forward to our new home, our new SPHS, I'm sure we will really enjoy all of the perks to having a new school. I think for a while my overall favorite part of the new school will be having real hallways and not worrying about getting rained on! Oh, and my fantastic, amazing, awesome, new room. There is still a lot of work left to do and I'm sure it will be some time before it really starts to feel like home. But again we are in this together and I don't know of a better family then the ones I have as SPHS. I'm not going to post any pics of my class just yet...It's a HUGE mess and I can't yet see the light at the end of the tunnel just yet. But I got a lot done today and going back again in the morning. Will post some pics of my room as it progresses. 

~Till Next Time

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Ceil said...

Hi Sylvia! So this is a happy day, that's great! Those comparison photos are just amazing. The water in the parking lot looked gold colored?

I hope you will have a wonderful new year at a new desk! YAY!