Sunday, October 20, 2013

And The Surprise Is...

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     So in my last post I talked about a surprise project that I would be doing with my kids this week, well the surprise is that we will be carving pumpkins!!!! I am so super excited about this and can't wait to tell them. You see one of my kids last week asked my if we could carve a pumpkin and I was like, "What?? You guys do that type of stuff at home right? Plus, we have projects that we have to do." The whole time I'm saying this to the couple of students I'm thinking to myself, "I have no clue how we would afford to get everyone a pumpkin, how in the world would I do this with 45 kids, and there is so much prep work that would need to go into something like this." Then I got to talking to my classes and asked how many of them had ever carved a pumpkin...Can you believe that over half of my 45 kids have NEVER carved a pumpkin!!! 

So I kind-of got busy and forgot about the whole "Pumpkin Carving" conversation...that is until I was reading some of the blogs I follow and I saw Brooke's post on Allthingsthrifty. She has a great blog with all kinds of great DIY projects. But her and her family are also known for their awesome pumpkin carving tradition. They carve like a ton of pumpkins, I think one year it was 88 or more...Go check out her and her family's pumpkin carving skills out Here. Anyway, so I was readying her blog and I was thinking about how many of my kids have never experienced this fun holiday tradition and I thought, "Why not?" So after reading all of Brook's tips on the best and fastest way to clean, core, and carve a pumpkin I decided it would be a great project to do before my kids start using the x acto knife for a project that is apart of my curriculum, so I sat down and came up with a lesson. The next part that I thought would be the biggest challenge would be to figure out how I was going to get 45 pumpkins. Supplies for the art room are purchased with supply fee money, and trying to get ever student to pay is not always easy. Then there are the tons of other items that have to be bought, so pumpkins were really not in my budget. Well, I posted on Facebook about how I wanted to do this project, about how most of my kids had never carved a pumpkin, and if anyone had any suggestions or knew of a local business that may want to get involved. Got a message from a friend who said she had told her Dad about it and that his company wanted to donate some money for it. 

I then got on the phone and called our local grocery story Fremin's. They are a great local family run company that is always helping out the schools. I explained what I was doing and how many pumpkins I needed and they said they could get me the pumpkins at an AMAZING price and would deliver them to me at school. I was so excited!!!
 So this week we, all 45 of my students, will be carving pumpkins!!! My kids will get to experience something that every kids should be able to say they have done once in their lifetime, I will get to teach a lesson on pattern transferring, working with sharp art tools and art tool safety, and I will also talk to the kids about sculpture and what is Form (one of The Elements of Art that is in my curriculum). Plus, this is all a surprise so I can't wait to tell the kids! I of course will be taking lots of pictures and will post  with all of the great carving fun I'm sure we will have. 
So thanks to Brook over at All Things Thrifty for helping me to realize that this could happen in my art class and for my local business Armstrong Airboats that stepped up to make this happen.
Here's to SPHS Art room starting their own Carving Extravaganza Tradition. 

~Till Next Time :)

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