Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Inspired By A 9 Year Old.

      Just spent the last 30 min. bawling my eyes out and being inspired by a 9 year old with some cardboard boxes and an amazing imagination!!  I read a blog titled Ohboy4thgrade and in this particular post she was writing about a project that her kids just finished inspired by a project called Cain's Arcade. Here is the video, you have to watch this it is just simply amazing!!! Go, watch it now!!! Oh and watch the next one that comes on right after.

     So I watched this story about this kid with this amazing creativity and I am so inspired!!! Not only is this kid creative, he displays such great examples of good work ethic, ingenuity, determination, entrepreneurship, and just plain child like fun. He doesn't stop with one game, no he dives in and goes for more. He takes what others have to say and makes changes  based on feedback (Loved when he said that he made changes when someone said the game was too easy). He was not limited by his resources, location, or start up capital. No, this kid took what was readily available, added some hard work, and built his dreams from some boxes! I'm telling you I'm tearing up even now as I type this. 

     Isn't that one of the sad things we lose along the way as we grow up, the joys of being a kid and the endless possibilities that our dreams have?  The thinking that we can make things happen if we just try hard enough and add some creativity to it. It reminds me of one of my favorite quotes 
"Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up."    

     Watching this not only inspired me to be creative and to look at what is around me to do it. It reminded me of the belief in kindness, humanity, and how much one act of kindness can do so much in a life. And it's not only that one life that was touched, but the guy who teamed up with Caine is now helping to touch other's lives through a nine year old he took a moment to really see, to appreciate his creativity, and to believe in enough to buy a "Fun Pass" from. He sparked a flame with his belief in this kid, and that flame took off to start ablaze of inspiration and creativity in so many others.

     Man I want to do that... I want to be such an inspiration to others, I want to help my kids to see that inner creativity that is just waiting to be tapped into. I want to inspire others with what I create, and I always want to be aware of those "Caine Arcade" moments. Those moments that can so easily pass us by if we don't take the time to stop and see what others around us are doing. To recognize the many different displays of creativity by others, and to take time out of our busy lives to invest in a "Fun Pass." 

     So I'm not just going to blog about it! I'm going to do something with this. I'm going to aspire to be like Caine and make something creative out of what is around me...and yep, I'm going to do this with my kids. So I'm looking at building a unit that will be focused on them creating something out of a cardboard box and things that they find around them. I'm going to push them to "Think outside the box" (All Pun intended!!!!). We just finished moving our whole school and you know me....I have a hard time parting with a good box. So I have a TON of boxes that I've been stashing (Shh...don't tell my janitor haha). So we will begin the Creative Box Challenge. I'm excited and I think I will start it off by showing my kids this video clip (Man I hope I don't tear up in class...that could really ruin my "Hardcore Teacher" rep haha!!!!). 

~Till Next Time


Anonymous said...

would love to have read the blog but the color of your font was so hard I couldn't read. Please put your writing into something easier to read love your mom

Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading....I saw his story on a television show, don't remember what one. It was awesome. I too would Love to inspire!!!