Monday, October 21, 2013

Murphy's Law, Epic Fails, and Eye Patches

     Never fails...Say that you're going to have a good day and that you're looking forward to the week and what happens? Yep, you want to Ctrl+Alt+Del the day by 1st hour and your 2nd cup of coffee. Today was that day!!!! I was trying to be all positive and looking forward to the day and the week when all seem to fall apart. I posted yesterday all excited about the pumpkins that I had gotten donated, and that we were going to be paper macheing (not sure if thats a word but thats what I got when I googled it) mask in Fine Arts, and that it was supposed to be a fun week of projects. 

     Well... following my 1st hour I had to go to what was supposed to be a "quick" faculty meeting during my planning I don't already have enough stuff to do during my planning time lets throw in a meeting! 
There's nothing wrong with a lil Red ink...
it helps to prepare them in case they
ever get a pink slip one day in life
Well, off I go to the meeting. As I'm listening to a newbie teacher ask about what color he could use instead of RED, and what could he use to let the kids know that they missed a question besides an X, I think to myself, "Really, this is what you have questions about that I need to sit in and listen to?? (I know, not a very nice thought). Well, I mentioned he may want to try orange or pink instead. All the while I'm offering alternatives to the use of the non abrasive red ink I'm thinking to myself, "But really are X's all that bad?? I mean they do use them to mark treasure on maps...just saying??" (I was very proud of myself that I didn't say that last part aloud) 
     So, anyway meeting took up ALL of my planning period! Then I was off to run back to my class, and I do mean running, feels like I ran all day and got NOWHERE!!! Well as I'm in full running mode back to the bat cave (yep, I think that's what I am not going to refer to my classroom from now on!) I was stopped by the disciplinarian to find out about a kid that I had written up on Fri. He informs me that they need my record book to refer to. So to the Bat Cave I go again and I'm in Speedy Syl mode. I get the record book and back to the front I go (which is like a 10 mile hike from my classroom). So while I'm up front I let the office staff know that I will be getting a delivery (The pallet of pumpkins!) and could they plaease let me know when they get here. So then I'm off again to the Bat Cave and here comes 3rd hour. Well, for the most part this is an upper class group of kids and one of my favorite classes. On Friday we had talked about, and brainstormed the paper mache mask project, with a few actually starting on it. So today was the big "Let's all start the mask" project day....Yeah, that was an EPIC FAIL!!!! 
     So, if you have taught or teach you know that moment I'm talking about. When good kids that usually don't have issues start to look like they are so frustrated that they want to hurt you haha!!! No, they wern't quite that bad but I could tell things were not going good when two of my students that usually get into all of the projects and do an awesome job were struggling. These are the teaching moments that all teacher's fear...when you realize that the project you thought was going to be so awesome and great is a complete flop and things need to change quick! So I stepped back, re-evaluated the situation, talked to my kids, and changed direction. I told them that this was not a complete flop and in art, and while creating, we sometimes figure out that something isn't working. And I told them that I was woman enough to tell them I thought we needed to change things. I told them it was never my intention to frustrate them with a project, yes I want to push them to be creative but there's a difference. So we talked about what we could do different, who was feeling like they needed to change their approach, and what other supplies could we use and still have the same outcome as the intended objective. I told them I was ok telling them that not everything that I think in my head actually works out the way I want (Boy, this could be the theme of my life haha!). 
They, being true teenagers, let me know that was cool. They tried to play off the fact that they were surprised by an adult admitting something like that, and we decided to roll with it and look at tomorrow as another day. One of my kids told me, "Hey, remember Ms. Latham, It's No Big Deal." hahaha!!!! 
     Following the "Epic Fail" of 3rd hour I trying to make calls about the pumpkins during lunch, shove some food down my throat, and down what is now my 5th cup of coffee. I find out that the pumpkins are being delivered during the end of 4th hour, hot pizza will mess up the roof of your mouth, and a 30 min lunch seems to pass like 30 sec. So... now here comes 4th hour!!!! Well, 4th hour is as my kids like to put it, "A Hot Mess!" I do a lot of praying in my head during 4th. It's my Extreme class, I have from one extreme to the other in that class. I have my highs, and my lows, my hypers and my slow as deathers. I have the ones that love art and want to take all of my classes, and those that don't want to be there and I'm still wondering if they even know that they're in art?? That class is all over the map! It seems no matter how much prep I do, all the organization,  and positive thinking I just can't get this class to flow. Me and Jesus have done some heavy talking thanks to this class! So of course I always HATE when they come in and I have my game face on and the ones that love me (and the ones I secretly thank God for letting them be in there with me) ask me if I'm having a rough day or if I'm mad. I don't want it to show!!! I never want it to show!!! But I guess it does sometime. So I try to put my smile on and deal with the issues as they come...and do they come in 4th! But I do have those in that class that still make it worth it. Today one of them was working on one of the sketchbook projects that required them to choose a quote and then illustrate it. This student tells me "I'm using my favorite quote from you Ms. Latham, "It's all fun and games till someones wearing an eye patch!" Well, you can imagine that it wasn't hard to put on a smile after something like that. I didn't realize that some of them paid that close attention to the random things I say (and you can just try to imagine what 4th hour must be like if thats what they recall as my most used quote haha!!) 

     My day might have seemed like a day of craziness, Epic Fails, running here and there and never really feeling like I was getting much done...Oh, and then after school I had to run to town (an hour drive!) and went to get something at Sam's (one of the real reasons I went) and yep, they didn't have them. Then it started to rain, I got stuck in traffic, and almost burst into tears when I got caught in yet another red light. But I didn't cry (didn't want the red light to think it won). So as I drove home me and Jesus had yet another long chat. I let Him know that I figured out that this was all a test (and that I got RED penned big time, X's and all) because I had said I was going to have a fun awesome week. But, I am going to chalk it up to being just a little quiz and not look at it as the test, and I will get up tomorrow and say, "It's No Big Deal." 

~Till Next Time
Oh, and you just know that it's going to be an interesting day when you go to work and bring a hand drill, and giant sawzall...yep that's my day tomorrow. I will let you know how it goes :)


Ceil said...

Hi Syl! I am a little breathless from reading your post. Yikes! What a day. But what a sensitive and honest teacher you are...and trusting. To talk over the project with your kids instead of ramming it down their throats anyway. (Much like the pizza, it would burn!)

God bless teachers, that's all I gotta say. And since when is Sams out of ANYTHING or not carry EVERYTHING? What a disappointment that is...
I hope today is a day you will be happy to use the 'return' bar, and leave 'control/alt/dele alone :)

syllatham said...

Thanks so much Ceil! YOu always leave such wonderful encouraging comments...its means a lot! Have a Blessed Day!