Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Oh SNaP! LeTs DisPlay THis!

Here is my inspiration
    I saw this idea on Pinterest...haha I know right! I'm going to create a bulletin board that is an interactive art display and gets my kids snapping pics of their art using Instagram. 
Thanks to this post I found out that I can print my instagram pics through Walgreens and they are a really good price! So I think this is how it's going to go. I snapped some pics of some of my students artwork and I hash tagged them #sphsart. So now that I have the hash tag started I'm going to make up a flyer to pass out to my art classes and art club and tell them to take pics of their artwork and add the hash tag. I downloaded an app called Printicular that lets me search through my Instagram pics and then send them to Walgreens to be printed. So I pull up all of my students artwork, chose the ones to print and then display them on our board in the hallway at school. This has the students doing some of the work (I was staying after work and snapping ton of pics of all the art work) connects them with a fun social media that they all love and ALL use, and it creates a great visual art display that showcases my kids work and that we can easily add to! I'm super excited!

~Till Next Time

**Quick update to the above post**
Ok, so after really diving in and doing some research on the project above I have found a few hiccups...but I was not to be deterred and found a solution. I found that when I went to print the pictures the apps only let you print your Instagram pictures. So I can use the hashtags to search for my kids pictures that they post but I had to figure out a way to have access to them in my Instagram so I can print them. Well it seems theres an app for that! haha. I Googled it and found that there is an app called InstaRepost. This app lets you repost a picture that is posted by someone else on Instagram...geniuses! So that it doesn't appear that you're stealing someone's photo it even puts a small watermark of the original poster. So now I can search the hash tags, repost the pics, and then send them to be printed! Yes, it does add another step but I still get what I want and the kids will love seeing their artwork and pics posted. 


Queen of the Library said...

Can't wait to see more. Your room is already the coolest place in town! And I love reading your blog, thanks for sharing it with us.

syllatham said...

Thanks so much!