Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paper Mache, Color Theory, and Pumpkin Carving...Bring on the Work Week!!!

     So I'm usually the person that starts counting down the days till the Weekend come Sunday night. I love my job but sometimes it's a challenge and I feel that Saturday is my only time to really relax. Most Saturdays are spent doing all of the things I haven't gotten to the rest of the week. It's when I wash, pay bills, clean the house, or go to town to run errands (where I live the nearest Wal-Mart is an hour away). But I also have those awesome Sat. mornings that I sleep in and then get to enjoy drinking my coffee and painting, blogging, reading, journaling and hanging out with Mr. Bingley. This is what he was doing this morning while I enjoyed my awesome cup of coffee. Saturday's cup of coffee comes with lots of whip cream in my house :)
Just like a kid... buy them all kinds of toys and what do they end up playing with, the box!
So as much as I really REALLY enjoy my weekends I have to say that I'm looking forward to this upcoming work week!! I'm super excited about some of the projects that we are doing, how my classes have been behaving, and to tell my class about the Awesome Surprise project that we are going to be starting on Wed. On top of all of this we also have a 10:30 dismissal on Wed. due to professional development and will run a Pep Rally schedule on Fri. So a fun week for sure! I will post what my surprise project is in my next blog and tell you all about how it came about (it's a great story and just another God wink haha) but its late and I'm tired of typing. 
~Till Next Time

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