Tuesday, October 8, 2013

What??...But You're A Teacher

     "What?... But You're a teacher." I have heard this said to me a few times in the past few weeks haha and it cracks me up!!!  I love all of the things that kids say and the things that I can make them believe LOL!!  So the recent episode that brought on the title of my blog was when me and some of my kids were chatting while they worked on their OP art project. I have a pretty good little collection of gnomes and a kid asked me if I believed in gnomes and unicorns. Now let me just confess and tell you that I love to tell my kids "stories" and I can do this and be very convincing, plus for some reason they just believe me. Anyway, they asked me if I believed in gnomes and I of course replied with "Of course, you don't??" To which they replied, "Really Ms. Latham?? Come on, Gnomes and Unicorns??? But you're a teacher??" LOL!!! Here are some others things that get this statement:

The fact that I have them believing that I really believe that Mr. Bingley can paint! 

That I have things like Instagram and Facebook

That I believe in magical creatures. 

When they found out that I was taking a painting class...LOL "But Ms. Latham why are you taking a class when you teach one?? 

The fact that I'm counting down to Thanksgiving Break right along with them...33 days to go!

     There are many crazy other little things that get said that crack me up. Like today at the end of 4th hour when I was acting like I had T-Rex arms and was showing the kids how it would look in art class if T-Rex has to clean up. One of my little class clowns turns and looks at me in all seriousness and says, "Man you look like you are having fun...I think I will join you!" I about peed on myself (I think some of the almost peeing on myself had some to do with the laughing and waving around of my lil T-Rex arms but a whole lot to do with the fact that I had consumed a whole pot of coffee today and since bathroom breaks are few and far between...well I seem to spend my life feeling like I'm going to pee on myself LOL...teacher probs!) (I know, that was the longest run on sentence EVER! Please forgive me all of my English teacher out there!)

Ok, well this teacher needs to get her butt to bed. I have Mid-Terms this week in my painting class that I am taking (I know right...But you're a teacher??) and its also 9 weeks exams starting tomorrow. 
Oh, and its HUMP Day tomorrow. I love to play the Hump Day commercial with the camel during Homeroom to wake the kiddos 
up :)

~Till Next Time
Stay Awesome!

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