Wednesday, November 6, 2013

In Progress Projects, Planned Projects, and Wishing I Could Duplicate Myself!!!!

This is the Art Clubs new project we just got up.
Of course I found this on Pinterest.
     Trying to get more artwork up around the school...but it's a BIG school!! Most days I really wish that I could duplicate myself!
Right now I have so much going on. I'm trying to get the Art Club to work on some projects. Here are a few projects that we are about to start on:
We are going to do a large mural for the cafeteria 

We are going to do another Chihuly style chandelier but in the school colors to hang in the front entryway. 

I really want to make some of these to put around the school.

Oh yeah, We're making this and this

So besides art club I'm working on planning a Faculty Fun Night, and just had my formal observation.
Also, like I had mentioned in one of my previous post, we (all 45 of my students) carved pumpkins in class! 
Here are a few pics of all the excitement that took place in class.

Some of my awesome boys that stayed after school and deheaded and gutted all 45 of the pumpkins. Yep, I know...I was stressed and worried about this!! lol Kept on making them do digit checks so I could make sure all of their fingers were still there!!!
This pic makes me laugh so hard...but they are pretty ingenious. Yes, that's the giant pumpkin crate box top acting as a pumpkin gut shield lol!!!

                          Me and some of my 4th hour girls!

   Love this kid...and she cracks me up the way she quotes me LOL

My example

They all did such an Awesome job and we all had a blast doing this project!

 I also showed up with my Carving Artist in the Plaquemines Gazette and Times Picayune

I've also been working on a few of my own paintings for my painting class that I'm taking this semester.

So I've been super busy and SO SO ready for Thanksgiving break! I'm counting down school days till the break and we only have 12 school days left!!!! Bring on a Week off!!!!

~Till Next Time