Sunday, December 29, 2013

Coughing, Cold Meds, Journaling, and Some Picture Bling

It seems this girl has caught herself a nasty cold
I'm absolutely SICK of coughing!
So besides sleeping, sipping hot tea, and doses of cold meds I have tried to do a little blogging and journaling.

I had a moment were the cold meds had kicked in and I got my Christmas tree dismantled and all the Christmas decor put away

Mr. Bingley was enjoying all the stuff everywhere and seems he found a new hiding spot
One of my FB friends left this comment after I posted this pic
"He looks like a grimlin."

So...anyway I got all of my Christmas put away and I'm looking forward to the New Year!
I did my "Let's Reflect on 1013" post and I have already started on my New Years post. 
I went back and looked at some of the lists that I have made before and some of the "New Years Resolutions" and I decided that I'm going to do another list of things to accomplish this coming year. 
I'm also going to do my journaling for the year in my new Smash Book. 

In the past my Smash Book was just a catch all for "stuff."
But this year I'm going to do some creative journaling.

This was my First Smash Book and I really didn't have any clear direction with it.

Here is my 2014 Smash Book Journal all ready to go.
I'm excited about doing a yearly creative journal and mixing scrapping, Journaling, and Instagram all together. I'm sure I will also be blogging some of what goes in there :)

You may have noticed that I have a new cute twist to my photos...Yep, a little Picture Bling!
Yep, I am happy to finally have Rhonna Designs now for the android.
I love her stuff and realized that I have had some of her printable stuff way before I know about her photo app. 
Since I've been stuck sick on the couch I have been playing around a little with her app 
and made a few "fancy" quotes...
You know how Much I LOVE quotes!
This is one of my favorite quotes from Gossip Girl 

 this one

Well I'm off to medicate and switch to the next Harry Potter
 (Yep, figured this was a great time for a marathon...I'm on the Prisoner of Azkaban)

~Till Next Time

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