Tuesday, December 17, 2013

God Know's Just What We Need...

Ever feel like you need that little push?
Ever feel like you're just not really "cutting" it?
Ever feel like you don't have much to show for what you do with your 525948.767 minutes (yep, that's what we get in a year...I Googled it)
Ever wonder if you are making a difference?
Yeah, me to...

When I'm feeling this way I have to remind myself that I'm a child of God, and I'm pretty sure I'm His special daughter. Yeah, I like to think that I'm God's Agnes in this Despicable world (Ok...yeah, I've watched it a few times haha!) 

And because He loves me so much (and because I'm so special!) He knows what I need and when I need it! 
I have been struggling with self doubt about myself as a teacher, artist, and with my ability to be able to complete a Masters program.
I also haven't had the best semester and feeling a little so so, and yeah, just a little nervous about my classes this semester and my final evaluation (the dreaded SLT score!!!!)
But it never fails, when I need a little push and something to help me become the "hill seeker" I want to be, God in some way gives me the inspiration and push I need.
So I mentioned in a previous post that my friend Danielle is in the Boston University Art masters program that I am looking into. Well, she had to do an assignment where she interviewed a person in the art profession that has been an inspiration to her. For some strange reason she picked me :)
Well, we did the interview (love that we got to Skype for over 2 hours and chat and catch up!) and she finished her assignment and sent it to me. 
I got it on Sun morning and as I read it I cried!! (they were tears of joy) 
Here is her slide show 

Again... Thank you sooooo much Danielle for this beautiful gift! It humbles me and gives me more of a desire to rise to the challenge of putting forth 110% everyday. I know that I am extremely blessed that God allowed me to "fall" into this position and live my dream every day! (well....almost the dream. Would be a much better dream if I was coming home every night to a handsome rich husband, but I guess a girl can't have it all right?? haha)

This slideshow, on top of the fact that I received my "You Made A Difference" award and the letter of nomination that was actually submitted by the student, made my year! 
At least my teaching year ;)
This is why I do what I do!! 
I hope that I never forget that its about showing I care, what I do, how I speak, the smile I wear, and the love that I show that makes the difference! (I also think that my quirky personality, witty remarks, belief in the magical, love of gnomes & unicorns, as well as my snazzy dressing, plays a BIG part!!!)
Permission to post the above letter from Taylor Williamson. Love ya Tay :)

So here goes...I'm off to start the application process for my Masters. 
~Till Next Time

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