Monday, December 30, 2013

Let It Begin!

     So I don't know about you, but I really love the beginning of a 
new year! There's something about the beginning of a New Year and how it feels like a clean slate that holds all kinds of possibilities.       

      I've been thinking a lot about what I want this year to be like. I was even making plans to start on my Masters. I did some praying and chatting with the Big Man and just couldn't get a peace about it. I even spoke to a few people with different programs and just never got a peace about what to do. 
  That's how I make decisions, I pray about them and then I ask God to let me feel a peace about what path I am to take. Sometimes it takes pursuing what I think is right, and then having the lack of peace to let me know I need to take a step back. That's what I did with my Masters. I thought that was the next step, what He wanted me to do. So I looked into programs and spoke to admissions, and spoke to friends who were in programs or just finished them. But it seemed no matter what I found and who I spoke to it just didn't feel right and God just wasn't giving me the go-ahead. 

     I kept on saying that I needed to get my masters so I could have insurance (I don't have a degree in art. I'm certified to teach it but my degree is in Secondary Ed Social Studies). I felt that if I were to ever go looking for another job one day then I wouldn't be able to find an Art position due to the lack of my degree. But again, I think this was me limiting God. If I really trust Him then doors will open when He says they should. This is again all based on the fact of me doing something in the future. Right now I have no desire to move to a different I guess you could say that I'm borrowing worry. 

       So I'm taking a step back and asking myself, 
"What do I really want right now, For right now??"
 (And not what I think I need for later) 
     It would be so much easier if God would just write it on the wall...but seems he's not really into posting on walls lately. 

So as I said, I've been thinking about what I want this coming year to look like and this is what I want:

Grow Closer to Him
I work on this every year (I guess thats a good sign) but
I hope that I can really embrace being His. 
I want to study His word more, reflect His love in my life to others,
and spend more time seeking His presence.

Explore My Creativity
I really want to tap into my art and creativity. 
I want to explore different forms of art, creativity, and mediums. 
I also want to refine some that I already do.
I want to keep a yearly creative journal and blog more.
Oh, and take some art classes and or workshops.

Continue Healthy Habits
Stick with my gym time and healthy eating habits. 
I know that they help me both physically and mentally.
Get myself to a place were I can run for longer spans then I am now.

Prioritize Things
I'm so guilty of letting work take over.
Not this year!!!
I've gotten sooo much better at this but still want to work on it.
My priorities are going to be:
1. God
2. Me
3. Family
4. Mr. Bingley
5. Work
So the plan is to:
 -Work less and play more. 
-Remember "It's No Big Deal," 
and that it's "Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys.
-Remember it's ok to say No and not feel guilty!

Better Money Management
Oh what a tangled web we weave when spend as if we had a sugar daddy (haha... I tried to make it rhyme and just couldn't so I went for funny)
Some people battle bad eating habits or other nefarious sins...Yeah well my real struggle is Spending!
When I say better money management I mean that I want to stick to my budget! 
Once again, this is something I'm already working on but know I can do better. I have already laid the foundation for this to be the year I see some big headway in this area. 
I made the decision to not travel out of the country this year...(I know...shock and horror!!!)
This will be the first time in 8 years that I have not traveled out of the country and I can already tell I'm going to have withdrawals!

In the past I have done resolutions, To Do List, and yearly goals. 
I like having a plan! 
This year I think I will go with a list again.

"Things I Want To Do In 2014" 
(resolutions just sound so stuffy and committal)

Some of the items on the list are no brainers, some are uncompleted items from past list, and some are things I just want to do this year.

1. Find a good year long devotional and complete it.

2. Stick to my Budget, build up my Emer. Fund, do the Debt Snowball and Pay off 2 credit cards.

3. Start a book club. (I Pinned this great Pin thanks to my friend Ashley on 10 Easy Steps to Starting a Book Club Check it out here )

4. Complete my year long Creative Journal.

5. Hike Tunica Falls. (This has been on my list since 2010 as well and I'm so doing it this year!!)

6. Ride a New Orleans streetcar. (This one has been on my list since 2010!! What the heck, I"m so checking this one off this year! Brandon looks like you will be helping with this one)

7. Take an Art class. Right now I'm looking at a Pottery class.

8. Take some type of creative workshop.

9. Blog the "List" 

10. Do the Susan G. Koman Race with Beta this year and run the whole thing.

11. Go rock climbing.

12. Renovate the Cottage.

13. Read a book a month.

14. Work on de-cluttering and reducing stuff in my life.

15. Create at least one work of art a month.

16. Lose 10 pounds.

17. Start using my planning period more productively. No more lesson plans on the weekends. 

18. Do my yearly Jar of Goodness. (I can't wait to open it up and read all that happened in 2013)

20. Build a coffee table. I have a few ideas pinned :)

21. Build a kitchenette in the cottage. Think I found out what I'm going to do for my counter out Bob Vila!

22. Turn a globe into a light.

23. Visit the Insectarium.

24. Go to the Art museum.

25. Go a whole year without traveling out of the country. (I couldn't leave the list at 24 so I added this one and its one I really need to keep!!!)

Well I wish you the Happiest of New Years
and pray that God would bless you with His
presence and peace. 
May you remember the truly important things in life and accomplish all that you set out to do!

~Till Next Time :)

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