Sunday, December 1, 2013

Let's Play Catch-up

So Happy Thanksgiving!!
The break is over?????...I know right. What the heck? That went by soo fast! I went into school today to post my lesson plans and to make my copies. Yes, I'm the nerd that goes in on the weekend so I can walk by all the rest of people in line for the copier on Monday and do the happy dance in my head knowing that all of my copies are made! It's the small things that give me inner joy :)

So I've been so bad at blogging lately. I really don't know how all those blog gals do it...and we all know the ones I'm talking about. The chicks that we see post almost every day and have all those great little tutorials and photos that have us thinking (or well me at least), "Man do they own a photo studio?" Well, that is not this girl! haha! 

So like I said I'm kind-of behind. (I just want to point out that I do realize that I use the word "So" a lot...and I'm ok with this) Anyway, here is me catching up. 

Had my observation a few weeks ago. I know UGHHHH.... the dreaded OBSERVATION!! 

I survived! I'm one of those crazy teachers that when you walk in my classroom your thoughts may run something like this, "My word? What the heck is going on? Where is the teacher? Why is Rihanna playing? Why are there kids sitting on the floor painting? How much coffee has this teacher consumed today?" Yeah that about covers it haha! I also tell my kids that I don't put on a show when administration comes in...what they see is what they get! So this was my Facebook status the afternoon following my observation.
Its all fun and games till... you're being observed, you run out of precut poster board strips (I swear the kids must have been eating them!), you get the Big paper cutter, it slips and falls you grab it to stop it from falling, slice open your finger, your kids think you cut your finger off, you're dripping blood everywhere while trying to refocuse your class to do exit slips, while your vice principal is telling you that you really should hold your finger above your heart and go to the nurse...Yep, totally rocked that observation!!!!
So yeah that's how we roll. I loved that after my Vice Principal walked out one of my kids tells me, "Well I think you handled that well and I think you still have a job. Good Job!"  LOL...Those darn kids crack me up!

Besides almost cutting my finger off I have been keeping busy. Here's whats been happening:

 I put my tree up...yep, had it up before Thanksgiving!!!! hahaha

Had my kids make color wheel turkeys for my door and my two neighbors doors. We're the "Back" teachers (at least thats what the school secretary has on the teacher list since our classrooms are in the WAYYY back of the school)
Art club, random kids that have escaped from other classes, and myself made this snowman out of Styrofoam cups. They named him Snowflake and he's at the front of the school by the office to Welcome all those that enter SPHS

WOW!!! What an amazing tree right?? Yep, thats the tree that was donated by one of the local businesses after I made a few calls. We have some Amazing buisnesses around here and some do a lot for our school. I really wanted the Art Club to have a tree that we could decorate each year and share with the school. So talked to my Dad (who knows all the right people to call), made a few calls, and got a wonderful donation from The Venice Fruit Complex. They not only gave us enough for a 9ft pre-lit tree but enough to get some stuff for my kids to make most of the decorations. The kids had a blast, I had a blast, the school got their FIRST tree and over all it was a great thing!!! Plus its just so bright and shiny!

Ok, so my internet keeps acting up and I'm afraid that all this typing will be lost if I don't wrap it up now. So on that note I will leave you with one of my favorite pics

For homecoming spirit week I made me and this kid (she's the kid thats always quoting me saying, "It's all fun and games till someone's wearing an eye patch.") So I made her and I matching eye patches for Twin day! LOL Thats our Grrrr face.

Ok lets pray that this post and all is not lost!!!
~Till Next Time

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