Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep...

So as I lay here in my bed these are the things running in my head.
     What the heck was I thinking when I bought Mr. Bingley a collar with a bell? Sounds like he's trying to perform Jingle Bells while licking his butt!!
     Why am I not asleep???? I did just set that alarm for 5:30...Oh mannn...

     Then I start to chat with the Big man and it goes like this (and no Lydia, this is not the ambien) my prayers are more like chatting. This is me:
"Geez Lord why is my nose running all of a sudden...didn't we just get the sick thing all under control?  Now my eyes watering, nose running and I'm sure you just heard that string of sneezes...could ya take care of all that? Oh and by the way, Im 33 years old, single and sleeping in a twin bed with a cat...don't ya think that's more then enough to keep me humble did ya have to let my face break out like this craziness I've got going on? Could ya maybe please help a girl out and if your going to continue to let me enjoy singleness could I at least look like I didn't get attacked by a pack of tracker jackers! Please bless my school, family, and friends, and pretty please let you peace and joy calm the kiddos in my classroom tomorrow.  Amen
"...geez how long is that cat going to lick his butt?? Maybe I should set the alarm to 6...nahhh I can just snooze. What am I going to wear? I really need to go to bed...hmm this would make a funny blog post...I bet they will think I'm crazy lol!!!!"

     ~Till Next Time

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