Monday, December 9, 2013

Worried Sick? Nope...I'm a Teacher So It's More Like, "Sick and Worrying"

So I'm home sick for the second day. I had to call in sick on Fri and really thought I would be doing better by today. But no such luck! I woke up at 4am and thought, "Oh God please let my head fall off!" 
I'm not sure what I had since I didn't want to pay the copay to go to my Dr. I diagnosed myself and called it Flusicksinuanadess. I basically had fever, body aches, sinus pressure headache, and woke up early Sun morning thinking I was going to blow chunks (and thinking I would feel so much better if I would). Thankfully I never did throw up and I feel a lot better today after sleeping till noon. I slept so much this weekend! After work up from what I think was my 5th nap on Sun I WebMDed Mono just to make sure I was covering all of my bases (you know, getting my second opinion). 
Well, I'm 78% sure I don't have was touch and go for a bit there. Thanks WebMD!
So your probably wondering what my title has to do with this post...Well I'm glad you asked. 
You see as a teacher we do tend to worry ourselves sick (and if anyone could or would do that it would be this girl) But nope, thats not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about the fact that when you are a teacher and you call in sick you tend to sit at home and worry about what the heck is going on in your classroom when you're not there!  
Plus, I called in on a Fri. Thats the day that ends your week, journals to collect (thank God I have my kids trained and they know that they better put those in the "Turn-In Basket"). And then I missed a Monday!! Thats the start day! Plus I was supposed to give a quiz on Fri. and then in my optimistic state after taking some meds I sent out a Remind101 text to my classes telling them I would give it on Mon. Well, then I had to have my Sub tell them the quiz would be Wed. (thought I would give them a day I was for sure would be there for). 
So while I'm home sick I did some grading, posted my lesson plans, and worried about how my turn-in basket must look like a bomb went off in it, how many paint brushes got put away with paint in them, how many kids just acted like they were busy, and if the kiddos got anything done. 
So being the control freak that I am I'm going to run up to the school and check things out and make sure that everything is ready for tomorrow...I hate surprises and theres nothing worse then going in and having to deal with surprises in your classroom early in the morning!! 
Reminding myself
It's NO Big Deal!!

 LOL...another reason I'm ready to go back.
~Till Next Time

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