Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Jan One Little Word

So I finally finished my pages for my One Little Word. 
I decided that I would be using my Smash Book for this project. I will also be using it to journal.

This is my page that has my word Flourish as well as why I chose this word.

Part of the assignment was to include a picture of yourself as well as a quote. I love this quote and feel that as a teacher this one really applied to me. Also, Ps. 92:12-13 is my scripture that I picked to go with my word Flourish. And because of that verse it helped me to choose my image.

So another part of the assignment was to look up the definition of your word as well as other words associated with it, also to make your word visible by choosing an image that you felt related to it. I picked a tree for my image since I feel that for me Flourishing is about seeing growth in areas that I feel I had already planted the seeds to last year.

Here was more journaling about how I felt the word was already in my life, what do I want to see more of and less of in my life this year, what I fear, and what I'm the most excited about.

Then my Intentions page. I will be honest this page took me the longest to complete. I guess this is more the applications page...what do I plan to do to Flourish this year. 
I broke it down to sections. 

So that's my Jan. OLW
Like I said I'm also using my Smash Book for journaling, here are some of my other pages for my Jan. section.
My Smash Book will be divided into sections by the month. I will have a pocket calendar on the months first page (like below) and it will include my OLW pages, as well as other items I collect along the way from that month.

This page has my New Year's List, as well as my 12 Grapes at Midnight wishes. If you want to know what the 12 Grapes at midnight wishes are you can read This post that explains it and where I got the idea.

So I found these great Smash Book inserts and thats how I'm adding my journal pages. I'm writing all month on lined paper (I'm one of those people that if not for lines I will have a mess!! haha!)
then I cut the pages from this journal (It's a cheap little journal from Target) and pop them into the insert. I added staples to make sure all the pages stayed.

Heres what it looks like. I didn't line all of my pages up right on top of each other so it wouldn't be so think right in the middle. Thats why the paper looks so long.

This is how it looks when I add it to my Jan. section.
So if you noticed my page of Favs...well I'm pretty addicted to the Wild Berry Clipper tea right now.

So I started last night to get ready for Feb.
I love that the Smash Book is super easy, I don't feel stressed about doing it, and that I can add what I want to it easily. 

Besides OLW... I wanted to also share some of the other things that have been going on.
How cool is this! One of my students asked if he could play his guitar for us. So while we did Bellwork he played (really good too). It was great!

 Here's another shot of the kids all working on Bellwork and enjoying the music...Love it! Plus it was Free Draw Friday Bellwork and I had a few kids that drew him playing. 
I Love my job!!! 

Oh, and apart of me Flourishing it that I wanted to take more classes and workshops to help me to be more creative.
Well, this week was my first week of my pottery class. I'm taking it at Delgado Community College.
Here is just the beginning part of my first project.
Our first project was to work with slabs and to create a 12x12 puzzle tile. 
Now it's a pottery 1 class (I had to take it to get into a higher one later) and most of what we are doing I have done. I was a little disappointed in the fact that most of the projects are projects that I do with my high school pottery class. But I'm look at it from the perspective that no matter what I can always learn something and I can work on refining my work. So it may not be as challenging as I would like but I can still get something from it. So I talked to my professor and I'm going to take this project a little further and add some textures and I'm looking forward to working with glazes that I mix since thats how this class works and I'm used to using premixed glazes. 
Looking for ways to Flourish no matter the situation :)

~Till Next Time

Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 Friday Favs!

   So I'm going to try this...doing a Friday Favorites post. 

1. I've fallen in LOVE with FLOWmagazine!!! Oh my gosh if you haven't heard of it then you're really missing out! 
It's a magazine for paper lovers and I have fell in love with it.
So many great articles, just chock full of inspiration, and beautiful images! Everything about this magazine appeals to me.
The magazine is divided into sections
-Feel Connected
-Live Mindfully
-Inspiring Lives
-Spoil Yourself
-Simplify Your Life
I love that they always have some little extra included in there for the reader.
Here is the paper garland that was in one of the issues...who doesn't love a free paper garland??

I also bought the Flow Book. Which is a book full of beautiful papers, tags, note cards, envelops, and even had a popup page!!

2. So Mr. Bingley is by far my Favorite roommate. But his hair everywhere was not my fav. So I am in total favor of giving him a clipping...and thats just what I did on Monday.
Here is a before pic of the little furry beast in his favorite spot

After spending a good 30min or so with the shop vac trying to suck up all the cat hair on my floors I decided it was time to give him a haircut.
The after pic

I posted this after he seemed to be quite upset with me haha!!!
Yep, I own that book. A friend gave it to me for my Birthday last year and seems I really should read all of it LOL!!

I know I talked about this in my last post but it's going on my Fav List since I just sent my first postcard to Russia yesterday.
I can't wait to see where my first postcard comes from.
Also, in trying to find a postcard from my hometown I found that we really don't have postcards. I think that I am going to make a local postcard project for my students and then put together a set that we could sell in local stores. How great would that be to have students create works of art based on local sites to turn into I could maybe raise a little money for the art department in the process!

4. Sabra Tuscan Garden Hummus!!!
I can't get enough of this stuff!

I like to garnish mine with Fete Cheese, finely diced bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and some Chi Seeds! Mmm!! So good.

5. Rhonnadesigns photo app.
I'm sure you have noticed the cute little added text, quotes, or flourished to my pics. Well, thats all thanks to Rhonna Designs app.
You an even create cute quotes like this

She just added some new stuff, but all of her stuff is super cute and it's a really easy app to use.

Well... that's my 5 Friday Favs!

Oh, and I'm super excited! Tomorrow I get to be apart of the
There is NEVER Professional Development for me as an art teacher. Seems only the math and english people get to go to workshops or PD. Well, when I saw this conference and all of the amazing speakers I just had to sign up. I was happy to find out today that after I was originally told there was no funding to reimburse me for the sign-up fee, I found out today that my school would reimburse me...Praise the Lord!! 
But I was going even if I had to pay out of pocket!
So I had better get to bed so I'm ready to go when its time to log on to my conference in the morning!

~Till Next Time

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Love & Addictions

Hi, so I'm super excited about my long weekend and enjoying the extra time to post.

So this is a post all about my recent loves & addictions.

I've been doing One Little Word

Here is one of my pages in the making.
I'm really enjoying this way of journaling and connecting with my word. Here is the post that explains One Little Word a little more.

Over the Christmas break I figured it was time to clean up Apple some and I decided to add a little pop of color. I have to say that I was Very Happy with the outcome and I know its a small weird thing but really it makes me smile when I see my pretty bright keys :)

So I've recently become addicted to both of these products!!!
By far the best tea I've ever tasted. I had to search but found a place that will ship to the States. has Clipper teas in stock and will ship to me...Thank God!
Now let me tell you about these Simply7 Lentil chips...They're like crack! I happened across them in Rouses while looking for a healthy alternative to chips. They rock! I love the Jalapeno flavor but they also come in a Creamy Dill that is great as well.

Ok, I may have a pretty good obsession with Washi tape. It's so pretty and has so many uses...oh and super easy...oh, and did I say pretty!

I recently discovered that I possessed a liking to cute dinosaurs. I've had a running velociraptor joke at school thanks in a big part to one of my friends Coco. Then after my inner T-Rex showed up during art class one day last semester...well it just seems that I've had dino stuff jumping out at me and catching my eye. 
My recent trip to Target involved this cute T-Rex calling out to come home with me.
  Here is another of my favorite dino buys! Love that his tail wraps around to the back! haha!!
Also, the animal sweaters have been calling my name. It started as a joke with my kids when I wore a bird sweater and then the T-Rex one above. But then it seemed I found others.
Here are a few of them

My Dressy Unicorn sweater :)

My casual one

Love this! One of my kids drew me in my Hedgehog sweater the first time I wore it to school hehe

In true Southern girl fashion I am loving my new monogrammed items. The necklace was a Christmas/early Birthday gift to myself.

So finding this magazine was a very serendipity moment. I happened across Flow Magazine yesterday while at Barnes & Noble and wow! Right off the cover caught my eye and then as I opened it, it was as if I was taking a dip into a pristine pool of inspiration and creativity! 
I waited to read it this morning with a cup of coffee so I could really soak it all up. 
The layout, images, quotes, articles, creativity, inspiration, and magazines mission just seem to be as if the creators knew all the things I liked. 
I highly recommend it to anyone who has a love of beautiful things, likes paper, loves to create, or be inspired by beautiful images and words.
Reading Flow while enjoying the view of the Great Mississippi flowing in front of my parents house. 
Yep, reading on the rooftop patio.

While pursuing Flow I read an article about people that still love snail mail and postcards and this site that links people up all over the world to swap postcards. So of course my love for mail and travel had me checking it out
So I signed up and got my first address. I will be sending a girl in Russia a postcard this week and can't wait to see who and from where my first postcard comes from. How FUN!!!!

I have really been trying to live my word for this year...Flourish.
I feel like some of that is letting go and letting God. 
I love how the Message interprets Philippians 4:6-7
This is a verse that I'm trying to really let sink in. 
I looking at little things, like finding the Flow magazine and healthy snacks, as little God winks. I know what you're thinking, "Really Sylvia?? You think that God showed you these things?" 
Yep, you see I've been praying that God would let this to be the year I Flourish. I feel like last year I planted the seeds of some changes in my life and now it was time to see those small changes flourish into full life changing things. 
Some of those changes were to be closer to God, to cultivate a healthy life, and to really dig deep into my creativity, while also enjoying my art with no justification.
These things are apart of that and its as if God let me to happen across them.
I'm reading Wonder Struck (my Jan. book) and in it she talks about how she prayed for pixie dust. The since of wonderment as we encounter and experience the things that only God can do. The little God winks that we so often miss because we are so caught up in the business of life. Praying for pixie dust is a childlike expression of trust and hope and asking God to deliver the little unexpected, while helping us to have an open soul and open eyes to see them around us.
So I pray for pixie dust :)

Well, I will end this post with a cute Mr. Bingley pic
He can't help himself, an open drawer and he has to squeeze his big butt into it haha!! Love him!

~Till Next Time 

Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bang And A Fizzle...

So the first week of school...I feel I started it with a BANG! 
But it quickly it fizzled.
If you are a teacher then you know that the first week of school is major! It's when you meet the kids you will spend the semester with, it's when you set expectations, lay down the law, show off your impressive dressing style, set routines, and basically lay the ground work for the rest of the semester.
Yeah, well mine didn't go quite like I had planned.
First, as an art teacher I have found that I tend to have a week of major schedule changes. I always get those kids that get in my classes to realize that they are actually going to have to do work, and a lot of work that requires more than just reading and responding, and suddenly feel that they need to switch to a more "traditional" class. 
So my first week tends to involve a lot of coming and going till the schedule changes stop.
Monday was a teacher work day, it was supposed to be a professional development day but thanks to our lucky stars we got our work day back (take that....for trying to take away our work day! LoL)
So anyway...I got everything ready, even had a project for the first two days since I knew there would be schedule changes.
I had a great first day with the students. 
We reviewed the syllabus, take a classroom tour, went over rules and expectations, and jumped right into our first project.
By 4th hour I was feeling like crap!
I was prepared for the kids, I looked really cute in my "First day of school outfit," and my room was ready to go!
What I didn't count on was a relapse of sickness.
You see most of my Christmas break was spent sick. I had all of the same junk that I think everyone had. 
Well, Sunday I noticed that my neck and shoulders were really bothering me. I also felt like I just couldn't get enough sleep and was still fighting the junk in my chest and throat.
Well, come Wed. and I feel like death. I ended up leaving school before 2nd hour on went to the doctor. 
Doctor checks me for the flu ( thats an experience I could have lived without!!) 
No flu! But I do have a sinus infection, as well as an upper respiratory infection and I'm dehydrated! 
It also seems that from all the coughing I had pulled a muscle in my neck and the pain was muscle spasms!
So I'm given meds, a note to stay home from work the next day, and told to drink lots of water.
Worse first week of school!
I meet the kids, give a syllabus, and then disappear for 2 days!!
So I go back tomorrow.
I guess I can look at the bright side, tomorrow is Friday and it's the last day of schedule changes.
I guess I will just call for a redo and make next week my 
"official fist week of school"  
and start Monday with a BANG!

~Till Next Time

Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

     Today was or first day back at work after the Christmas break. I have to say that this Christmas break seem to be the shortest EVER!!! It didn't help either that most of my break was spent sick!
But it's here, the 2014 spring semester!! I'm kind-of looking forward to a full semester in my new classroom. I am finally getting to a point where I feel like I'm settling in and not feel like I'm still acclimating to my new room. I'm also looking forward to hopefully a semester without packing, moving, rearranging, major disruptions, and any other strange blips that can possibly cause mayhem.
So I did a little bit of updating to the classroom this week. I had my list and set out to tackle it. For the most part I got most of my Classroom To Do List done. I'm still working on some changes to my organization of my Make-Up work bins and my handouts. I have to say that is one thing that I really love about where I work. Today was such a great reminder of how well some of us work together and how much I appreciate the fact that I have some Awesome co-workers that I can brainstorm with, get ideas from, and even share stuff with. It's so nice to be able to have a group of people that are so willing to share their ideas with and not worry about who gets the credit. I also love that I have a "clique" that I can go to and say, "I need to do this different, easier, or better," and they can and will give me great ideas or help. Our recent CHAMPS program is one example of all of us working together to create something that we can all use, then sharing it, and changing it to make it our own. Our school has adopted the behavior management program CHAMPS and all teachers had to have it displayed in their classrooms. This is what mine looks like

It's basically the expectations for behavior for any giving activity in the classroom. Mine has this great pointing hand that can be moved to the expectations for the activity that we are doing at the time. I of course cannot take credit for it since it was a collaboration for the content and then I gave it my own spin.
Here are some other items that I worked on this week.

The Art Club's new bulletin board that is hanging in the main hallway. I started the Mystery Artist that I found on Pinterest. I now have a place to make announcements, hang artwork, and I was able to redo my Instagram board. 

I also took down my Christmas decorations and brought back my pennants that my Mom made me!
Love my Welcome Banner!

Besides that the rest was making lesson plans, cleaning up, and copying my syllabus. 
It seems no matter how many times I do it I still get nervous on my first day of a new semester. 
I have some new kids that I have never taught before...and I also seem to have a lot of boys this semester (sometimes a good thing and others times can be quite exhausting).

Oh, I am super excited because it seems today was my day for registering!
 I registered today for my first Online National Conference for Art Teachers and for my spring semester pottery/ceramics class. 
Both should help me to achieve my goal this year with my "One Little Word," 
I want to flourish as an art educator and as an artist.

As far as "Flourishing" in the gym, well...I haven't made it there yet, but I'm not stressing! 
Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better and I can get back to a routine!
(I don't think anyone at the gym would appreciate me being their with my runny nose and coughing self)

So I leave you with a Mr. Bingley treat! 
How I can always tell when there is a fly in the house! LOL!!
Look at that Face! 

~Till Next Time!