Saturday, January 25, 2014

5 Friday Favs!

   So I'm going to try this...doing a Friday Favorites post. 

1. I've fallen in LOVE with FLOWmagazine!!! Oh my gosh if you haven't heard of it then you're really missing out! 
It's a magazine for paper lovers and I have fell in love with it.
So many great articles, just chock full of inspiration, and beautiful images! Everything about this magazine appeals to me.
The magazine is divided into sections
-Feel Connected
-Live Mindfully
-Inspiring Lives
-Spoil Yourself
-Simplify Your Life
I love that they always have some little extra included in there for the reader.
Here is the paper garland that was in one of the issues...who doesn't love a free paper garland??

I also bought the Flow Book. Which is a book full of beautiful papers, tags, note cards, envelops, and even had a popup page!!

2. So Mr. Bingley is by far my Favorite roommate. But his hair everywhere was not my fav. So I am in total favor of giving him a clipping...and thats just what I did on Monday.
Here is a before pic of the little furry beast in his favorite spot

After spending a good 30min or so with the shop vac trying to suck up all the cat hair on my floors I decided it was time to give him a haircut.
The after pic

I posted this after he seemed to be quite upset with me haha!!!
Yep, I own that book. A friend gave it to me for my Birthday last year and seems I really should read all of it LOL!!

I know I talked about this in my last post but it's going on my Fav List since I just sent my first postcard to Russia yesterday.
I can't wait to see where my first postcard comes from.
Also, in trying to find a postcard from my hometown I found that we really don't have postcards. I think that I am going to make a local postcard project for my students and then put together a set that we could sell in local stores. How great would that be to have students create works of art based on local sites to turn into I could maybe raise a little money for the art department in the process!

4. Sabra Tuscan Garden Hummus!!!
I can't get enough of this stuff!

I like to garnish mine with Fete Cheese, finely diced bell peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, and some Chi Seeds! Mmm!! So good.

5. Rhonnadesigns photo app.
I'm sure you have noticed the cute little added text, quotes, or flourished to my pics. Well, thats all thanks to Rhonna Designs app.
You an even create cute quotes like this

She just added some new stuff, but all of her stuff is super cute and it's a really easy app to use.

Well... that's my 5 Friday Favs!

Oh, and I'm super excited! Tomorrow I get to be apart of the
There is NEVER Professional Development for me as an art teacher. Seems only the math and english people get to go to workshops or PD. Well, when I saw this conference and all of the amazing speakers I just had to sign up. I was happy to find out today that after I was originally told there was no funding to reimburse me for the sign-up fee, I found out today that my school would reimburse me...Praise the Lord!! 
But I was going even if I had to pay out of pocket!
So I had better get to bed so I'm ready to go when its time to log on to my conference in the morning!

~Till Next Time

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