Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Bang And A Fizzle...

So the first week of school...I feel I started it with a BANG! 
But it quickly it fizzled.
If you are a teacher then you know that the first week of school is major! It's when you meet the kids you will spend the semester with, it's when you set expectations, lay down the law, show off your impressive dressing style, set routines, and basically lay the ground work for the rest of the semester.
Yeah, well mine didn't go quite like I had planned.
First, as an art teacher I have found that I tend to have a week of major schedule changes. I always get those kids that get in my classes to realize that they are actually going to have to do work, and a lot of work that requires more than just reading and responding, and suddenly feel that they need to switch to a more "traditional" class. 
So my first week tends to involve a lot of coming and going till the schedule changes stop.
Monday was a teacher work day, it was supposed to be a professional development day but thanks to our lucky stars we got our work day back (take that....for trying to take away our work day! LoL)
So anyway...I got everything ready, even had a project for the first two days since I knew there would be schedule changes.
I had a great first day with the students. 
We reviewed the syllabus, take a classroom tour, went over rules and expectations, and jumped right into our first project.
By 4th hour I was feeling like crap!
I was prepared for the kids, I looked really cute in my "First day of school outfit," and my room was ready to go!
What I didn't count on was a relapse of sickness.
You see most of my Christmas break was spent sick. I had all of the same junk that I think everyone had. 
Well, Sunday I noticed that my neck and shoulders were really bothering me. I also felt like I just couldn't get enough sleep and was still fighting the junk in my chest and throat.
Well, come Wed. and I feel like death. I ended up leaving school before 2nd hour on went to the doctor. 
Doctor checks me for the flu ( thats an experience I could have lived without!!) 
No flu! But I do have a sinus infection, as well as an upper respiratory infection and I'm dehydrated! 
It also seems that from all the coughing I had pulled a muscle in my neck and the pain was muscle spasms!
So I'm given meds, a note to stay home from work the next day, and told to drink lots of water.
Worse first week of school!
I meet the kids, give a syllabus, and then disappear for 2 days!!
So I go back tomorrow.
I guess I can look at the bright side, tomorrow is Friday and it's the last day of schedule changes.
I guess I will just call for a redo and make next week my 
"official fist week of school"  
and start Monday with a BANG!

~Till Next Time

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