Monday, January 6, 2014

Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

     Today was or first day back at work after the Christmas break. I have to say that this Christmas break seem to be the shortest EVER!!! It didn't help either that most of my break was spent sick!
But it's here, the 2014 spring semester!! I'm kind-of looking forward to a full semester in my new classroom. I am finally getting to a point where I feel like I'm settling in and not feel like I'm still acclimating to my new room. I'm also looking forward to hopefully a semester without packing, moving, rearranging, major disruptions, and any other strange blips that can possibly cause mayhem.
So I did a little bit of updating to the classroom this week. I had my list and set out to tackle it. For the most part I got most of my Classroom To Do List done. I'm still working on some changes to my organization of my Make-Up work bins and my handouts. I have to say that is one thing that I really love about where I work. Today was such a great reminder of how well some of us work together and how much I appreciate the fact that I have some Awesome co-workers that I can brainstorm with, get ideas from, and even share stuff with. It's so nice to be able to have a group of people that are so willing to share their ideas with and not worry about who gets the credit. I also love that I have a "clique" that I can go to and say, "I need to do this different, easier, or better," and they can and will give me great ideas or help. Our recent CHAMPS program is one example of all of us working together to create something that we can all use, then sharing it, and changing it to make it our own. Our school has adopted the behavior management program CHAMPS and all teachers had to have it displayed in their classrooms. This is what mine looks like

It's basically the expectations for behavior for any giving activity in the classroom. Mine has this great pointing hand that can be moved to the expectations for the activity that we are doing at the time. I of course cannot take credit for it since it was a collaboration for the content and then I gave it my own spin.
Here are some other items that I worked on this week.

The Art Club's new bulletin board that is hanging in the main hallway. I started the Mystery Artist that I found on Pinterest. I now have a place to make announcements, hang artwork, and I was able to redo my Instagram board. 

I also took down my Christmas decorations and brought back my pennants that my Mom made me!
Love my Welcome Banner!

Besides that the rest was making lesson plans, cleaning up, and copying my syllabus. 
It seems no matter how many times I do it I still get nervous on my first day of a new semester. 
I have some new kids that I have never taught before...and I also seem to have a lot of boys this semester (sometimes a good thing and others times can be quite exhausting).

Oh, I am super excited because it seems today was my day for registering!
 I registered today for my first Online National Conference for Art Teachers and for my spring semester pottery/ceramics class. 
Both should help me to achieve my goal this year with my "One Little Word," 
I want to flourish as an art educator and as an artist.

As far as "Flourishing" in the gym, well...I haven't made it there yet, but I'm not stressing! 
Hopefully tomorrow I will be feeling better and I can get back to a routine!
(I don't think anyone at the gym would appreciate me being their with my runny nose and coughing self)

So I leave you with a Mr. Bingley treat! 
How I can always tell when there is a fly in the house! LOL!!
Look at that Face! 

~Till Next Time!

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