Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hellooo... 2014 and 400!

    Well Happy 2014 to you!!!
 Wow!! So this is my 400th post. haha! I know that may not seem that all monumental but, well darn it I'm making it a big deal!!

Ok, big deal over (one of the great things about being ADD...oh wow look it's raining...

So I'm sitting here watching my favorite movie "Sleepless in Seattle," and listing to Mr. Bingley snore.  He seems to really be enjoying his first day of the new year. He has managed to sleep most of the day and I'm pretty sure he's spent the other 8% licking himself.

Unlike Mr. Bingley, I was a little more productive. Once the cold meds kicked in and I could breath and wasn't coughing so much that I was afraid of braking a rib, I was off to do a little clean up and assessment in my classroom. I know, what a way to spend the first day of the new year...but oh well thats me. Before heading off to school I did go by my Mom's and eat my Peas and Cabbage so I would have my good health and good fortune in 2014. This is a Southern tradition that is a New Year's Day must!

     So having eating my cabbage and peas I was off. I did get a lot done in my classroom...which it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I did a good job this past semester of having the kids do a lot of the clean up that goes comes with the close of a new semester. I will be getting a new batch of kids come Tue. and I'm praying for a good group of kids that want to be creative.

    Besides getting some stuff done at school I got some stuff done at home as well, and I even had time to journal my 12 Wishes that I made at Midnight when I ate my 12 grapes. It's only 10 but I'm ready for bed! Must have to do with the fact that I was up till 3am this morning coughing! Oh, I found a good year long devotional through my Bible app. Its the Active Word Daily Devotional and so far the first day was good. It started with my favorite book of the Bible, Psalms, and one of my favorite verses Ps. 1. I love the imagery that David uses in Ps. 1:3, when he describes a man that reads the scripture as being, " a tree planted by the rivers of water." I guess it could have something to do with my love of trees. Having read this I ask myself the questions, "Is my tree getting water? Are the roots of my tree down deep or are they shallow? Is the water my tree taking in clean or are there toxins?"
I pray that as I start this new year that I will be deeply planted in God's word, that my roots would flourish and be strong for whatever storms this year may bring, and that I would bring forth good fruit that reflects God to others.

~Till Next Time 

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