Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hitting The List & My One Little Word

So it would appear that I am already hitting some of the items on my list. 
I know right! How productive of me :)
LOL!! Well I have to say that I might have been a little "creative" in how I managed to do some of the items. 

I said that I wanted to "Continue Healthy Habits," and I wanted to "Lose Weight (#16 on the List)."
This is where I got creative and tried to spin a negative into a positive. 
I've succumbed to the "upper respiratory infection" that seems to be running rampant everywhere.
I have coughed for a week! I think my FB post sums up what was the result today,
     "After only getting about an hour of sleep last night and being so sore from all the coughing I said enough was enough and went to the PS Med. Clinic...Was examined and diagnosed by a Dr. McDreamy as having an Acute upper respiratory infection. Got a shot and script for some Awesome cough syrup! Yep, Cute Doc, shot and "The Amazing Elixir" has my Day looking up!"
So I know that this was not the type of workout that I had planned to get back to with the start of the new year. But I'm telling you I know my abs and back got a MAJOR workout from all the coughing...I know because I'm sorer then any workout...I swear, WORKOUT.
 Plus, I've lost weight! WIN! haha! 
Oh, and I do have to say that the Dr. McDreamy was a wonderful little addition to waiting in the drab lil Emer. clinic. 

haha!! So I'm really ready to be over this cold and back to normal. 
But again, I'm looking for the positive and one thing it has done is forced me to stay home. 
When I have moments that I'm feel ok I have been a very laid-back lazy way (if thats even possible?? haha!)

I have been reading my Bible, reading my book for the month (#13). I picked, "Wonder Struck by Margaret Feinberg. I had it in my library and been putting it off and now seemed the right time to read it.
I have also been journaling and reading the devotional I found (#1). On top of all of that I was reading through some of the blogs I follow and I found the creative workshop that I'm going to do this year (#8). It's really perfect since it ties in with me wanting to do a creative journal (#4), grow closer to God, and prioritize things in my life. 
The workshop is the...One Little Word project.
If you don't know about it (like me till a few days ago), it's a project started by Ali Edwards over at
So how it works is that you choose a word to guide you through the year.
This word is there to help you focus for the year. 
You use it to inspire you, to push you, to prompt you, to encourage you, and to help you to dig deeper.
In the creative world, people will use it to inspire their journaling, crafting, art, and projects throughout the year.
Here are some examples from some inspiring ladies:

So after reading over what I wanted to accomplish this year, and while reading my Bible and praying, I made a list of words that I thought would apply.
Here was my list of possibilities:


All Awesome words with so many meanings and applications!
So I prayed, read my Bible, 
searched using the Strong's Concordance (my Dad would be so proud!! haha),
 looked at scripture that used the words, and read items related to the definitions.
I felt like I kept coming back to

So My Word Is Flourish.
(It’s like a “fancy” vigorous growth… and that made me smile)

I want my relationship with God to Flourish.

I want my creativity to Flourish.

I want positive thoughts and behaviors to Flourish in my life.

I want my ideas and dreams to Flourish into actions.

I loved that almost all of the verses that I looked up with the word flourish in it had something to do, or related to, flourishing like a tree. It had me going back and reading my 1st devotional in Ps. 1 and I loved what Ps. 92:12-13 said,
"12 The righteous shallflourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon. 13 Those that be planted in the house of the LORD shall flourish in the courts of our God."
(If you read Ps. 92 there are more reasons that this is one of my new favorite verses...It's the UNICORN verse!!!! And this made me SMILE)

Looking forward to a year of Flourishing!

~Till Next Time 

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