Sunday, January 26, 2014

My Jan One Little Word

So I finally finished my pages for my One Little Word. 
I decided that I would be using my Smash Book for this project. I will also be using it to journal.

This is my page that has my word Flourish as well as why I chose this word.

Part of the assignment was to include a picture of yourself as well as a quote. I love this quote and feel that as a teacher this one really applied to me. Also, Ps. 92:12-13 is my scripture that I picked to go with my word Flourish. And because of that verse it helped me to choose my image.

So another part of the assignment was to look up the definition of your word as well as other words associated with it, also to make your word visible by choosing an image that you felt related to it. I picked a tree for my image since I feel that for me Flourishing is about seeing growth in areas that I feel I had already planted the seeds to last year.

Here was more journaling about how I felt the word was already in my life, what do I want to see more of and less of in my life this year, what I fear, and what I'm the most excited about.

Then my Intentions page. I will be honest this page took me the longest to complete. I guess this is more the applications page...what do I plan to do to Flourish this year. 
I broke it down to sections. 

So that's my Jan. OLW
Like I said I'm also using my Smash Book for journaling, here are some of my other pages for my Jan. section.
My Smash Book will be divided into sections by the month. I will have a pocket calendar on the months first page (like below) and it will include my OLW pages, as well as other items I collect along the way from that month.

This page has my New Year's List, as well as my 12 Grapes at Midnight wishes. If you want to know what the 12 Grapes at midnight wishes are you can read This post that explains it and where I got the idea.

So I found these great Smash Book inserts and thats how I'm adding my journal pages. I'm writing all month on lined paper (I'm one of those people that if not for lines I will have a mess!! haha!)
then I cut the pages from this journal (It's a cheap little journal from Target) and pop them into the insert. I added staples to make sure all the pages stayed.

Heres what it looks like. I didn't line all of my pages up right on top of each other so it wouldn't be so think right in the middle. Thats why the paper looks so long.

This is how it looks when I add it to my Jan. section.
So if you noticed my page of Favs...well I'm pretty addicted to the Wild Berry Clipper tea right now.

So I started last night to get ready for Feb.
I love that the Smash Book is super easy, I don't feel stressed about doing it, and that I can add what I want to it easily. 

Besides OLW... I wanted to also share some of the other things that have been going on.
How cool is this! One of my students asked if he could play his guitar for us. So while we did Bellwork he played (really good too). It was great!

 Here's another shot of the kids all working on Bellwork and enjoying the music...Love it! Plus it was Free Draw Friday Bellwork and I had a few kids that drew him playing. 
I Love my job!!! 

Oh, and apart of me Flourishing it that I wanted to take more classes and workshops to help me to be more creative.
Well, this week was my first week of my pottery class. I'm taking it at Delgado Community College.
Here is just the beginning part of my first project.
Our first project was to work with slabs and to create a 12x12 puzzle tile. 
Now it's a pottery 1 class (I had to take it to get into a higher one later) and most of what we are doing I have done. I was a little disappointed in the fact that most of the projects are projects that I do with my high school pottery class. But I'm look at it from the perspective that no matter what I can always learn something and I can work on refining my work. So it may not be as challenging as I would like but I can still get something from it. So I talked to my professor and I'm going to take this project a little further and add some textures and I'm looking forward to working with glazes that I mix since thats how this class works and I'm used to using premixed glazes. 
Looking for ways to Flourish no matter the situation :)

~Till Next Time


Jaana said...

Beautiful pages! I look forward to seeing how your create your pages for the rest of the year! Your bible verse is so fitting! I have not done my pages yet, but I have written about my word on my blog.

Larissa said...

Great pages - you are very creative!

Debra Carr said...

These look great, so colourful too, I love the idea of including a calendar, might need to borrow that. I'm curious to know where about the telephone box? :)

syllatham said...

Are you talking about the telephone box that I'm in in my picture?? I took that while I was in London 2 summers ago. I took students on a Europe trip...FUN TIMES!!!