Saturday, February 1, 2014

34 And Counting!

So, Jan. 31...I was born today. 
Seems crazy to think that I turned 34 today.
 I don't feel 34... does that matter?? 
     I love my Birthday, but it never fails that at some point (just for a fleeting moment) I always seem to have to fight the feeling that in some ways my life is lacking. 
I know that when I start to feel this way I need to readjust my view because I have allowed what the mainstream view of a full life is "supposed to" look like cloud my vision. 
Yes, I may still be single, living in my parents yard, roommates with a ridiculous cute cat (but a cat none the less and thus the cat lady jokes). And maybe I have not experienced all of the things that my 18 year old self assumed I would have by now... but really, what did my 18 year old self know anyway? I know that for the most part we seem to have this mindset that by 30 life should be falling into place and everyone will have a husband, house, and kids...well that's just not what happened. But I refuse to discount what I have and what I have done in my 34 years! 

I have collected many friendships, loved many people, been apart of many wonderful memories, stood in many wonderful places, seen beautiful sites, witnessed breathtaking beauty, laughed, created, cried, been apart of change, watched as love of learning has blossomed, and helped create understanding. I have felt great sorrow, experienced immense happiness, overcome obstacles, withstood defeat, and reached many goals. No, my experiences and path may look different then others...but they are mine!
This is one of my favorite quotes and one that I go back to often to remind myself that it's ok that, "I may not have gone where I intended to go. But I think I have ended up right where I needed to be."
I know that this is just one season of my life and that I have many left to go. I don't want to get caught up in comparing my life to others and what they have achived. I'm not them I'm me! I have so much to be thankful for, I am blessed beyond measure! I want to be thankful for the moments and enjoy the seasons of my life.

I do have to day that I throughly enjoyed my Birthday today! I'm such a big kid and love all the hoopla that goes with a Birthday. I spent the day doing what I love, teaching! As I said, I'm pretty blessed and have a great job teaching a great group of kids, I work with some pretty awesome people, and have the best family! 
Surprise cake from my students
So today was filled with Birthday wishes, which started with a Birthday announcement over the intercom system at school, some of my crazy fun co-workers doing a Birthday dance for me in the front office when I went to get some paperwork, a surprise cake brought in by one of my students, and my 3rd hour did their version of Screaming the Happy Birthday song. 
I then came home to a delivery of flowers from a good friend, spent some quality time at the gym, and then dinner with my family. My Mom always cook my favorite meal for my Birthday, shrimp stew! It was delish! I was also super happy to get some awesome gifts. 

My Dad was super thoughtful in his gift choices for me and got me this amazing writing pen and book. My Mom and sister and Mrs. Vickie made me some great new aprons for work, and got me some other items as well.
I'm also pretty excited that one of my friends got me a 3 months subscription to Birchbox! I've seen it and wanted to try it just hadn't gotten around to it. The fact that it will also feed my snail-mail love is an added bonus to all the great things I will get to sample.
So on top of all the love from everyone at work, my awesome family making me feel super special, there was also all of the nice FB Birthday wishes that made it all add up to a very wonderful Birthday!

But really...Wow! Can't believe that this month has come to an end. I hate that it seems that the days and weeks just seem to fly by. I know that I am guilty of starting a Monday of a new work week with counting down the days till Friday, but I want that to stop! I think that is one of the reasons that it all seems to go by so fast. I saw this quote and it really made me think do I do this??
Do I wait, countdown, and watch for Friday, Summer, Happiness?? Am I just cruising by though life watching for only these markers? If I do that then I am discounting the rest of my time. I just finished reading my Jan. book Wonder Struck (Really, I just finished about 10 min. about cutting it close!) One of the things that the author really talks about is embracing the everyday, reconnecting with the wonder of God, and seeing Him in the common everyday. It was a really great book and I highly recommend it! I'm also excited because a bonus of the book is a "Thirty Days of Wonder Challenge." A daily "Challenge to Experience God More," through committing 30 days to living a life alert to the wonders and leadings of the Holy Spirit through different prompts. I think that considering my word for this year is Flourish, this is a great exercise for me. 
I'm also excited about my new book for Feb. It was a Birthday gift from my Dad. I'm sure I will love it. Him and I tend to share the love of the same reading style and authors, this one he particularly felt led to get me as it is written by a teacher.

Well, it's getting late and I need to get to bed. I'm excited because tomorrow the Birthday fun continues with a Birthday dinner at The Melting Pot!! Yay! Fondue!
~Till Next Time

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