Sunday, February 9, 2014 so many ways!

I love this quote. It makes the fact that I'm a big kid seem ok.
     So as apart of embracing my word for this year, Flourish, I have been trying really hard to make my sabbath a time of rest and relaxation. I've had 4 weeks now that I haven't worked or gone to school on a weekend. This is a big deal for me. I did it in part because I needed a day to recharge but I also felt that I needed to do it to be obedient to God and give Him a day.
Ok, so I know what you're thinking, "Sylvia what does this have to do with the quote and the fact that you started this post talking about how you are a big kid??" Well today I was enjoying my day of rest and relaxation, as well as the Amazing South Louisiana weather (Good thing it was nice and 70ish today...I thought I was going to have to move somewhere more southern with all this dang cold weather we've been having. Oh and if you know where I live any southern would be Cuba!) So as I was laying in my hammock enjoying the weather and using my foot to keep me rocking I thought to myself, "Why do we get rid of some amazing things we had as kids?" You see there are a few items that are considered "kids" stuff that I really think we should have as adults.
Number 1: Battery Operated Swing. I don't know about you but I've never seen a kid who didn't LOVE their swing! Why do only kids get this?? I want a battery powered hammock!! I bet by bro or Dad could make this!
Number 2: Nap time! Why did they make it seem socially unacceptable for you to have a daily nap time worked into your schedule every day! We had it as kids...we even had little mats and all. What happened people? This was a good thing!!!
Number 3: Happy Meals! Wouldn't you love if you could get an Adult Happy Meal. It would come in this great cute little box and have a small gift. It could be a pack of Post-its, a new Pen, Chapstick, or even samples of items like you might find in Birchbox.
I feel that some of these have real potential! I mean I can't be the only person that thinks like this since I have seen and own a few items I feel are Adult "Kid" items. One example of this is my travel mug.
Yep, I will call it what it is...An Adult Sippy Cup! I love them and use them everyday. This is just a portion of my collection haha!
What other kid items would you want them to see them make for us big kids?? 

     So on another totally different topic...I'm good for that when blogging (who am I kidding, I'm the worlds worst at leapfrogging from one topic and another haha!! I blame my ADD)
So as I was looking for the pic of my "Adult Sippy Cups" above I came across some pics of my old classroom and old school and I had a moment of deep and wide Thankfulness for my new classroom and school! Here let me show you what I mean:

Before: This is what my "desk" (I use that world for a table that held some of my stuff) looked like at the old school. It was a table that I shared with the student computer.

After: Now I have this awesome L-shaped desk with filing cabinet and all. I can have all my stuff out to plan all at the same time!

Before: This is the view from my classroom doorway. This was one of those Awesome (inject a ton of sarcasm here!) rain days.

After: I have hallways!!! and no dodging ran, gnats, and heat when getting out to say make copies! You just don't know what it means to have hallways!!!

Before: And who can forget the Parkinglake!!! God I'm so thankful not to have to deal with this any more!
I'm so tankfull for our wonderful new school!

Yesterday I got to do one of my Actions as part of my One Little Word. One of my actions is to Create! I'm taking a pottery class in the hopes of refining my work but I've been wanting to get back on the Wheel. I don't have my kiln hooked up yet but that didn't stop me from doing some throwing yesterday.
I have to say that I was pretty excited to get to throw in my new classroom, on my new wheels, for the first time! It was so fun and again made me very Thankful for my new school!
My new wheels

I needed a new cup!
I hoping that when its done it will look like this
I've become slightly obsessed with Flow They are visual delights and make me so happy! 
I love their Instagram

I also made a salad bowl...I like a roomy salad bowl.

So I spent most of my Sat. being creative and putting into action my word Flourish. I also finished my tree painting (well like I tell my's not done till you sign it so I guess it's not quite done)
As I was working on my painting and thinking about my word for this year and what it means to me it kind of hit me that my painting really expressed my word. I had picked a tree as my symbol and well I snapped a pic and then used my new favorite app. Rhonna designs to create this pic.

This is what the whole painting looks like

I'm pretty happy with the final painting. Guess its time to start another one.

So after a day of pottery, painting, and thinking about my word I thought it was time to finish my Feb. assignment and get all of my actions down, as well as reflect on Jan. 
Here's what my pages look like

This is my monthly reflection pages. I will add more as I move through my pages. Love the Snap pockets!

So I'm doing my OLW in my Smash Book and I'm also using it as a creative journal. Here is my Feb. page.

My Action page 1. I found this cute Tag stack called Sunday Afternoon from DCWV and I used stick on chipboard numbers from American Craft.
I love this quote that I found from Gandhi. I thought it was so fitting since our word means nothing if we don't put some actions to it.

Page 2 of my Actions

Here is what it looks like together.

So that's a little about my weekend. I have to say that not having to worry about work, lesson plans, or grading has made my weekends so much more enjoyable! I loving that I'm doing my #5 Action and seeing some good results!

~Till Next Time :)  


Debra Carr said...

Absolutely loving your OLW pages!!!!!

Jane said...

Love your bright happy colours & the snap pockets - going to order some.

clairebear said...

love your blog!

clairebear said...

love your blog!