Sunday, February 2, 2014

Reason #128 That I'm Still Single

So I've been told many times why I still must be single. 
I've heard:
"Wow, God must have someone really awesome for you and it's just taking Him longer to get him ready for you."
Or, "Well maybe God has some things that He wants to teach you before you get married."
I love when they tell me, "Well maybe you're too picky or your standards are too high?"
One of my favorites is, "You're so Awesome that you intimidate guys." 
Oh, and lets not forget, "Well... you do single so well and are so independent that guys don't think you're really looking."

But tonight over a few pots of fondue I heard the best reason why I'm still single.
It's because I sleep in a twin bed!
We were discussing the fact that I'm thinking of moving into one of the teachers apartments, and one of the reasons I really would like to do that is because the place I'm in now is very small and the bedroom is only big enough for a twin bed. 
So for the past 5 years I've had a twin bed. 
My wonderful friends (4 teachers and 2 school counselors) believe, and expressed their beliefs, that they think that by me sleeping in a twin bad I am sending out vibes to the universe that I'm closed off to sharing my space/bed thus not open to being in a relationship. 
But if I were to upgrade to a larger bed then it would let the universe know that I am open to sharing my life and making room for someone in it. 
By far this is the best reason to explain the phenomenon that is my singleness.
Dang-it if I would have known this I would have bought a KING Size bed a long time ago!
Listen up universe, the bed means nothing! I promise!! 
Here are a few single jokes that always remind me that someone else must be in the same boat as me if Pinterest is full of these!

~Till Next Time


Elizabeth Ashley said...

Lol! So I randomly wake up, check fb, and see your post!!! Haha. I hate to refute "the universe" but I've had a queen bed since 2005! Haha. Unless, maybe I need to upgrade to a California King in case the Queen is too small. Lol!!!!
Regardless. I think we're awesome and guys are stupid and blind is pretty much the only logical reason! :-)

Elizabeth Ashley said...

So I randomly wake up, check fb, and see your blog post!! Ha!
I hate to argue with "the universe", but I've had a queen bed since 2005! Unless maybe I need to upgrade to like, a California King to convey the seriousness of the matter. Lol
Regardless, I think we're awesome, and guys are just stupid & blind. Haha!!!