Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Last Of The Peeps

I'm sitting her sipping some Green Chi Tea and eating the last of my Peeps since I't looks like I'm giving up C&C (Cakes & Candy) for lent. I know (as I shove another Peep in my mouth) how in the world will you survive 40 days with no C&C...and what they heck you're not even Catholic? 

I read a great book last month called Wonder Struck and in it the author talks about the beauty of lent and how it's not just for Catholics. Here is a great blog post by her at http://margaretfeinberg.com/lent So I decided to participate in Lent this year. Now Lent is not something new to me since I grew up in South Louisiana. I remember my first real discussion with someone about Lent. I was 17 and working as a cashier at the local IGA. Most of the girls I worked with were "Good Ol Catholic" girls and when Lent season rolled around they started talking about the possible things that they might give up for Lent. I remerber one girl saying she was going to give up smoking, another cokes, and one drinking, while another said she was thinking about giving up sex with her boyfriend but thought that was just too much. haha!! Now here I am, a Home schooled A/G pastors daughter and they ask me what I was going to give up. You see almost EVERYONE in South LA is Catholic...unlike North LA where they are all Baptist and so they just assumed I was going to be observing Lent as well. So they asked me and well looking back my reply may have been a little self-rightous but it was the truth. I told them, "Well you see I'm Assemblies of God and well... we give up smoking, drinking, and premarital sex all year long." LOL!!!
I know that for many Lent is just a way to feel like they are paying some type of insurance in the hopes that God will overlook all the other things that they have done. But for many it's a way to fast and observe...which 
"originally, Lent was designed as a time of preparation and worship for the believer. The forty days before Easter were set aside for penitence, prayer, and self-denial. - See more at: http://margaretfeinberg.com/the-wonder-of-lent/#more-12773"
 And really who of us couldn't use a little self-denial?? So I really started to pray and ask God to show me something that I could give up for lent. Now I know that a lot of people are giving up Facebook, Twitter, their cell phones, and other such items. I even thought about these things...but they just didn't seem to well seem right. Then as I was again asking God what He thought I should give up thats when I thought C&C for lent (I happened to be eating a Russell Stover's Chocolate covered marshmallow heart that I got in an after Valentines sale). Now this will not be an easy thing for me since I'm a cupcake, candy loving kind-of girl! I love Sour Patch Kids, Peeps, all things Chocolate, just about all sour candy, and I happen to think that Cupcakes can fix anything! I also have moments of weakness when I just have to have a Chocolate DingDong...and yes they fall under the Cake category. I also had to Google if fruit snacks fall under the category of Candy...seems that there is a great divide on that subject. So in my hopes to Flourish more this year, as well as practice self-denial as a way of spiritual growth, I will, as a non Catholic, be observing Lent. 
So what are you giving up for Lent?

~Till Next Time

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