Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Trying Some New Things

     So with the new year (Can you believe we are already in March!!!!)  I have been working at trying some new things. 
I read about a Swap Party in Flow and thought, "Hey, I think I will try this...it looks like a fun night." So the Swap Part was a huge success! Everyone said how much fun they had and all seemed pretty happy with the swaps that they made. I think more then anything we all enjoyed a girls night out chatting, swapping, eating, and we even played some Trash Train (a domino game). 
I had so much fun that I have already started to plan another party for in April, a My Favorites Party.
 I found some great info on these sites for a My Favorite Party    http://fificheek.blogspot.com/2013/12/how-to-host-favorite-things-party.html

I've also been trying some new natural acne remedies in the hopes of not having to get on prescription meds. I't seems like the war with acne has been one that I've been battling for as long as I can remember! I've also tried EVERYTHING!!!!!! I did Accutane twice! I've been on birth control (all the different kinds) multiple times, and I've of course have tried all the different creams, washes, and make-ups that are supposed to be the "Miracle" fix for what tends to look like an alien hatched an egg on my face. So I went agoogling and found 7-secrets-to-cure-acne-without-chemicals. So I've been using her Honey Cinnamon spot treatment, Honey cleansing method, and Oil cleansing recipe.

 I'm still breaking out but its only been about two weeks since I started this new method. I have to say that the idea of using oil on my already oil slick face totally freaked me out but It's awesome and I don't find that I'm as oily as I was. I hope and pray that this will help! 

I've also been trying some new Chia Seed recipes and one of my favorites so far is this 

Tropical Chia Seed Pudding *Sorry not the prettiest pic! But it's delish! Ingredients 1 Tbsp chia seeds 1 medium banana 1/2 cup of fresh diced pineapple 1/2 cup of mango diced (I use the mango fruit cups in light syrup) 1/2 cup of almond milk Directions In a blender blend banana and almond milk. Pour blended mixture into a dessert container or bowl. Add chopped pineapple and mango with juice. Stir in 2 Tbsp of chia seeds. Mix very well. Pop into refrigerator to set up. The longer you let it set up the better it tastes. I generally let it refrigerate over night.

Besides parties, natural facial treatments, and seed recipes, I have been trying to work on me and all the many crazy facets that make me who I am. A lot of what I've been trying to work on are some of the things that I struggle with and some of the items that I listed as some of my One Little Word actions. I struggle with not spending and I even challenged myself in my last post with a list of items that I said I would not buy. I ended up having to download the book for my book club (I did try to get it from the library but it was always checked out and I'm on a time limit here!) and I also had to buy some makeup. But I haven't bought any of the other items on my list. I did have a sweater in my hand that was on sale at Old Navy, but I resisted and walked aways with NO sweater! (Yay me!) I have continued to reduce my clutter...which the Swap Party helped with since I brought and got rid of a lot more stuff then what I came home with. But as my kids say, "The struggle is still real," and I have a long way to go. 

Besides personally trying new things, I'm also trying new lessons. I just finished block printing with my Art 2 kids. I did block printing back in high school but haven't done it since. Then when I moved into my new classroom I found some block printing supplies from the teacher before me and thought, "Hmm...I need to use this some way." So I've been wanting to do a printing lesson with my kids and the month of Feb seem to be the right time. We were looking at Kente Cloth and African inspired cloth for African American History Month in my Art 1 class. I had students chose a geometric pattern inspired by Kente cloth that they looked at, as well as, one Adinkra symbol to create their own pattern. This seemed the perfect lesson to expand for my Art 2 class and have them not only use the elements from the Kente cloth and Adinkra symbols to make their own patterns, but have them carve blocks and print their pattern. Here are some pictures of the process: 

Love this kid...and yes they all gave me permission to post their pictures. It was so cute when I asked they
were like, "Really you write about us??"

Thanks to Youtube I found out that it is a lot easier to carve the linoleum block if you heat it. Check out those new and shiny heat guns I got with my new classroom :)

Here are the finished Kente Cloth Inspired projects

I love how they turned out and my kids were very happy with the end results. I hope that we will be doing some more printing later this semester. I loved all of their designs so much that I used them as a background for a painting. It's not quite done yet but I will post it as soon as it is. 
~Till Next Time

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