Friday, May 30, 2014

Hello Summer!!!

     Well, I wrapped up another year and looks like that good old summer break has finally arrived...I'm still not feeling it. A friend told me that it would sink in once I sunk into my bed and didn't have to wake up to an alarm...well did that this morning and all it did was screw me up and make me think it was Sat. 
Anyways...this summer is a little bitter sweet. I was so happy for the break (I mean really what teacher isn't counting down the days!?!) but knowing that this would be the first summer in 8 years that I have not traveled at all...well that was a hard blow! I'm trying to be mature. I know, I know.... Yes, me the girl that wore a Magical Unicorn Mask the last day of school has a mature bone. Well, its a very small one but hey give me a break... I'm trying to use it. I decided that I would not travel this year and focus on paying some of the bills that I have managed to run up living the "Life."

     So I will be chilling around the house this summer, maybe trying to finish some unfinished projects, work on my little cottage and do some fun cheap stuff. Maybe I'll get back to blogging and working on my One Little Word...I don't know? I do know that I am going to enjoy that fact that when its summer I don't know the day or the time for the most part and the actual date is really reaching. I don't eat and pee based on a bell, and lesson plans are things I pin about! 
So I hope that you are enjoying what we teachers call summer freedom and embrace the summer full force...I know I plan to, even if I won't be getting a stamp in my passport :(
Here are a few of my Fav summer laughs

~Till Next Time