Thursday, June 12, 2014

Enjoying My Summer Break With Some DIY

     I may have mentioned previously that I was moving. It's not a big move by any means, just next door. I moved out of my tiny trailer to the cottage my parents were living in till they got their house done. Its like twice the size of my old place. Now it didn't have a kitchen and needed some fixing up. So since I am giving my passport a rest this summer (first time in 8 years I haven't left the country) I thought this would be the perfect time to do some DIY and Pinterest projects. The first project was to build a cabinet and some open shelves for the kitchenette I wanted to add. 
I had some help from my Awesome Dad to install the heavy countertop. Now I know that many of you think your Dad is awesome but well...mine is not only Awesome but I'm pretty sure he can do anything! 

So I built simple open shelves for the bottom cabinets. In this picture you can see that I still need to get my sink drains and water hooked up. I also decided that I wanted to go with open shelves instead of cabinets. I love how they turned out! I was even more excited that all of this was very cheap since my Dad donated the wood for the bottom cabinets and I got the shelves and brackets all on sale. I found the brackets for the shelves at Target on clearance and got them for around $1 each!! A little white spray paint and Wow! I love how all the colors of my dishes really POP on the white open shelves. Makes me Smile :)

I also got this cube storage on Sale at Target and it fit perfect under my counter. I added some cute colored scrap paper to the backs and some baskets and Love the outcome! 
The baskets are from Wal-Mart and the cute tins are from Tuesday Morning 

Now my kitchen area is really small and I wanted to find a small kitchen cart/island for it. I looked at a lot of them online and most were running somewhere between $150-200. So then I looked through Pinterest to see what ideas I would come across. There were some cute ideas but I hit gold when me and my friend Sammie went shopping at Treasure Hunts in MS. and found this great little treasure.
This is a cart that Target sells for $149 and I got for just $39!!

Now I wasn't a fan of the color or the hardware but I loved that it offered a great spine to build on.
So I used the vaseline method to distress the cart, some spray paint, some washi tape, and some old antique pulls I had for the drawer and door hardware. Love the completed project!

I was also able to snag this awesome orange stool at Garden Ridge for only $20 and super happy with my little island and breakfast spot!

Here are some other pictures of little things around my new cozy little cottage:
Love this sign to go by my coffee pot!

My coffee mug pallet shelf that one of my students made for me in shop class. Love how it displays my mug collection...well some of my collection haha!

An old clock that I decided needed a little bit of a facelift

Working on a gallery wall above my bed...its not done yet, and Yes, that is a Unicorn above my bed, and Yep, I sleep just fine :)

Still got a lot left to get done and I'm sure I will be posting more soon. This was all I had pics of right now. I'm pretty excited to get my wall done with all of my art that I have picked up on my travels. I'm doing a travel gallery wall and using this quote to go with all the beautiful paintings and art that I've collected. 
Love this quote!!!

It's always one of my favorite things to do is buy art from the local street artists. One of my favorite is from my trip to China and I bought it while walking the Great Wall. I even got to watch the artist finish painting it and that made it even more special to me to watch her create art right in front of me while I was taking in all the was around me. Just one of the many reasons I love to travel!!!


~Till Next Time 

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