Thursday, August 28, 2014

Favorite 5 Friday

 I've been neglecting my blog lately....something I tend to do.

 Well, here is my 5 of my recent Favorite things.

1. Food
Iv'e been trying some new recipes and found some that I love. I really haven't cooked a lot but I started lately and really have been enjoying it.
  I tend to Pin a bunch of things and I've decided that I wanted to start going through my Mmm Looks Good Enough To Eat board and find out if they really are good enough. 

Been playing around with making my own Spring Rolls

I also tried this dessert called Empty Tomb Rolls and wow they were amazing!!!

Ok, I stumbled on these while shopping the other day and WOW these things are very dangerous! They are soooooo good!

2. Coffee & Tea Bar
My new Favorite place in my house is my new coffee bar. I've always wanted one and now that I'm in the cottage and have some space I was able to put it together. I love my coffee mug shelf that one of my students made me and looking at this picture now it makes me laugh since it seems to sum up my life...The globes (Travel) & Coffee...yep thats all a girl really needs right??

3. The Phantom!!!!!

 I'm so excited!! Got my tickets and can't wait to see it in Nov.

4. Yoga
I've really been enjoying my yoga time and love that I have a class that I can go to twice a week. I've also been doing it at home and trying to get in some yoga time at least 3-4 times a week. I love that it makes me feel strong and how great I feel after doing it. I've still been getting in my gym time and glad that I am feeling healthier then I ever had.
Here is a pic my instructor took of me doing the Crow pose. I'm still working on being able to do a handstand.

5. Anything Monogrammed!

 Yep I did it...I got my debit card designed and it has my monogram on it! Love it!

 So I love that me and my family tend to think that anytime is a good time to give a surprise. I guess me and my sister get it from my Mom. This was my most recent surprise from my sister.
I know you're jealous!

So that is just a few of my Favorite things. 
Here is a peek at some invitations that I created for my upcoming 
Favorite Things Party. I can't wait, I'm sure it's going to be loads of FUN!!!

 ~Till Next Time

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