Sunday, September 7, 2014

Choice-Based Classroom in Full Creative Swing

So this is whats been up in room #197. The art room has been in full creative swing and I'm starting to grade some of the fist projects done in our choice-based classroom. 

The theme was vintage and the centers open were the Drawing Center and the 3D Sculpture
Yep, I got a pin-up girl haha! This was huge for this student, and considering she's only had my art one class and no other art I was very proud of her. She used the grid method and color pencils.

Grid method, Sharpie, and pastels

Paper doll and the student then designed her clothes.

This student chose her image and then Zentagled it. She used metallic color pencils and Sharpies.

So the paper macha started on the Chuck Taylor

So the girl that made the paper doll is now moved on to making a dress. She's going to make the skirt all out of pages from magazines and is in the process of paper maching the base to build on.

So it seems that we haven't been able to get Pinterest unblocked at my school yet so this is my fix for that...Inspiration binders in each center. I took my Pinterest Boards and printed them out. Now my students who are stuck can look through the binder and find a project or something to inspire them. 

Here is a shot of the 3D Sculpture Center. Don't you just love the giant colorful dico/snowball hanging from the ceiling? When I was asked why? My reply was, "Why not?" Haha!!

The Collage Center

So I love my new classroom set up and it seems to be working good and flowing.

And to open this Thur. THE POTTERY CENTER!!! YAY!!!

 Now some of you might have seen this in one of my earlier post. It's my thicket out the door board. Now it never fails but every year I learn from my kids and make adjustment to the classroom based on my students needs. One of my kids made the comment that the post-its will fall sometimes and that it would be better if they had push-pins. Also, I had the post-its on top of my filing cabinet and it seemed there was pens and post-its that I was always straightening. So now I moved it to the pegboard by the door and there's a place right next to it for a basket of post-its and pens. This has been a great way for me to check on what my kids are doing in their chosen centers and to use as data for understanding what additional help some of my students may need in a center or with a technique. So far I'm reading them at the end of the day and then collecting them at the end of the week. Each post is worth a point.

 I have three Art 3 students and here is what 2 of them are working on

 This is the base of a 4ft by 4ft city. There is spray foam, paper maching, painting, collaging, and cardboard construction going on.

 This students is painting and Zentangling this poster size project.

Besides that I'm trying to stay with my 5 work day week, in the past I've worked a 7 day week but NO MORE!! I also had our first Art Club meeting and trying to get all the balls rolling that go along with the club. Here is what I designed for our club shirts.
 Yep, thats all post-its from my kids. haha!! I have one kid that leaves me a new one every day :)

Well that's whats been happening in room #197 (aka: The Bat Cave)

~Till Next Time

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