Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Collage Project & Trying to Figure This Choice Thing Out

     A new center opens tomorrow, The Collage Center!  I'm hoping and praying that the unannounced intruder drill does not happen and screw up my lesson...Ain't Nobody Got Time For That!!! 
     So I wanted my kids to do a completed project with the introduction to this new center. So I came home and did some brainstorming, looked at my data (hahahaha!!!!! Yeah right, like that happened...well I did reflect on how some of my kids were struggling with inspiration and based my decision on student observation. Does that count????) anyways I decided that we all needed to complete a project from start to finish and this is what I came up with. A collage were they student has to choose an animal that they either really like or represents them. They needed a quote, or at least 6 words that represent them or inspire them. Then using a canvas board they are going to create a background using paint and mixed paper. They then need to play around with placement of their items and decide where the wording will go. Here is a few pics I took as I worked on the example.

    So this took me about an hour and half to do. I used a canvas board, some paint, pages out of an old atlas, scrapbooking paper, Sharpies, my new Gelliarts printing plate, and a little Distressing ink Timholtz I love this stuff and the look it gives your designs!

I'm hoping that this project and the introduction of some new materials will help inspire some of my kids. Its seems that some of my kids have really been struggling with coming up with ideas and inspiration for projects. It's weird because some kids have just really took to the Choice-Based classroom and have really WoWed! me, while others seem to be a bit adrift at sea and are really not sure what to create. It seems that a lot of them are sticking to what they know...The Drawing Center! Now I'm cool with that if that is truly what they want to do. But many of them I feel stay there because they are too afraid to branch out and try something new. I do have a few that are paper-maching, doing some mixed media, and creating cardboard sculptures. But I want MORE!!!! I want freaking creativity oozing out into the halls. I want Big, Bold, Experimental artwork...and right now, from a lot of them, I'm getting color pencils :/

Oh, and another thing I'm finding in a choice-base classroom is that we're into the 4th week of school and some are just now moving onto their 2nd or 3rd project. Now I do realize that there is more involved in making some of these projects, but man my grade book is not looking all that great right now. Oh, well it's not about the grade book right?? Well, that's what I tell myself but my administration says something else altogether haha!!

Ok, I have coffee cart duty in the morning and that means a very early morning for this girl. Need to get my butt to bed!

~Till Next Time

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