Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cute Nails...It's a Jamberry Review

     So lets talk about nails, cute nails! Now being an art teacher reeks havoc on my manicure so keeping my nails cute is not an easy job. About the only thing that I have found that last is a gel manicure, but I just done't want to pay the $35 and then all I get is a single color. If you know me I love patterns, colors, and designs so when I stumbled across Jamberrynails I fell in love! Now I know I've seen Jamberrynail parties on FB, also on blogs, and magazines. So Jamberrynails are a nail wraps that come in all kinds of cute patterns and designs. In the past I have used Sally Hansen Polish-strips They work good and lasted pretty well. 

Here is a pic of some I just did recently
I added the pink on top of the Sally Hansen Polish-strips so it wouldn't look like I was an AL fan or anything haha! They were on for about a week and besides the fact that I'm rough on my nails they did pretty well. The only thing that I didn't like is that they are very limited in their designs.

In comes Jamberry. I love all of the designs!!

I ordered these cute mint and gold striped ones.

 I got my package in the mail a few days later. For $15 plus shipping you get one regular sheet which includes 18 Jamberry nail wraps.

Ok, so I get them in and clean my nails. I watched the online Youtube video on how to apply them and then I jumped right in...well I jumped right in after I got a my pair of small scissors, blowdryer, and cuticle stick. After reading the instructions (yep, this girl reads instructions) even after watching the video. I wanted to get my moneys worth. Now one thing that I didn't have was the alcohol wipes but I thought, "Well no big deal." So after sitting with my blowdryer  I got most on without any major problems. The big difference between these and the Sally ones was that they are thicker and not actual polish wraps.

I love the look but did run into some problems. 
I had a little bubbling on the sides and the tips of a few nails.
This could be because I didn't use the alcohol wipes and maybe because I didn't trim them enough so they wouldn't touch my cuticle. There is a bit of a learning curve with these! I did see that they have an application kit and small heater that you can buy to help you put them on...maybe if I had bought these it would have been easier???

Wed. rolls around and one of them peeled off. But I put it back on hit it with some heat and seems ok. 
Now I have been rough on them...I wash my hands a lot at work, scrubbed my hair, took a bath, cut into one with an x acto knife at work, got paint on them, hot glued a few (and my finger) while working on a project.

There is enough in the pack to do my nails again and I can't wait to try it again (with all the steps) and see how they hold up.
Also, I got a TON of compliments on them. The best had to be from a student when she asked if I had painted them this way haha!! When I told her that they were stickers for nails she was like, "Oh because I was about to say Ms. Latham you got too much time on your hands!" My kids seem to think that I don't have a life outside of my classroom and that I would sit around and paint tiny stripes on my nails in very very neat lines. LOL!!!

So the $15 seems a bit much but if I can get two manicures out of it then its not that bad. 
I'm also hoping the application process gets better.

So I'm thinking of having an online Jamberry party...anyone interested???

~Till Next Time

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