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Life and Labor


Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

     Happy Labor Day Yall! So I'm sure most of us are off today and I for one am very thankful for any holiday that gives me an extra day off! Never really looked up the history of Labor Day before, just kind of figured it was a day to honor those that have worked and contributed to our country through their hard work and taxes. So I Googled it, and seems I was pretty spot on. Maybe at some point in one of my history classes I heard about this...who knows? So in honor of Labor Day, lets talk about crazy jobs! What have you done? What has been the best and worst (come on, we all have had that job from hell!), and what is your dream job?

     My working career started at a very early age, I had my first paying job at 12. I grew up in a family of 5 kids and we all had chores, but we didn't get paid for them. My parents saw it more as an indentured servant type of deal haha!!
Growing up I really did use to think that my parents had all us kids to fold clothes, clean house, and load and unload the dishwasher. Now I realize they wouldn't have needed us to do it if it was just them. Oh the knowledge that comes with age! 
Also, growing up in a large family with a stay at home Mom and a Dad that is a full time pastor we didn't have a ton of money. Growing up if we wanted the fancy Doc Martins or Girbaud jeans we had to pay for them. I quickly realized that I would need a way to fund my spending wants. Oh and FYI if you are dying to relive your early 90s look you can still get yourself a pair of these babies online. I know some of you are now off to relive your youth! haha!!! 

So anyways...lets talk about jobs!

     My first job was cleaning a camp for one of my Dad's friends. It was a 3 bedroom trailer and I was 12. Thanks to my Mom and how we were raised I could clean house! I made around $30

    I then to went on to do what most kids do, I worked with my Grandparents. Who hasn't worked for Grandparents?? I loved that gig! I cut her grass and ironed for her. If you can believe this I ironed my Grandpa's handkerchiefs. He always had one with him and Grandma always made sure they were ironed. I got paid well and the working conditions were Great! 

     At 16 I got a job at the local grocery store, the IGA. I was in Homeschool and so I was able to work the morning shifts and then I would go home and do school when the after school kids came in. I ended up working with all of the older ladies  since I ended up with the 7 to 1 shift. I also got to be on a first name bases with all the little old men that would come in first thing in the morning for a paper and bread and milk. I worked that job for quite a few years and learned a lot about working with the public. 

Now I've always had a love of shopping and this contributed to me working many jobs. While I was still working at the grocery store I would also baby sit on my days off, still worked for Grandma, and I would work with my cousin cleaning yachts at the marina. For a 16-17 year old making $20-25 dollars an hour was good money!! 
    But one thing I learned for my time cleaning up after people that are rich and use to having someone clean up after them is not what I wanted to do. I also cleaned hunting camps and WOW! Thats even worse!! Men who are drinking and killing things and use to having maids and wives do not clean up after themselves at all!! And for some reason they seem to think that when you're at the camp anything goes. Like lets pluck ducks in the bath tub or kitchen sink...really?? Lets walk around with mud covered boots, get drunk and puke in the tub, leave inappropriate magazines and movies laying about, and what the heck while we're at it lets cook with every pot in the house and then leave them for the cleaning girls to wash. Yep, some of those days of cleaning up that sealed the deal for me that I would never be in a cleaning position as a job.

     Once I finished up with high school it was time to get a big girl job. I was still cleaning houses here and there and working at the grocery store, but I didn't want to go to college and my parents were like, "Well you need something to support yourself." So after thinking about what I liked to do I decided to go and take a floral design class. I had taken a college course on floral design when I was in high school and really loved it. I was also pretty good at it and thought, "This would be fun!" It may have had something to do with the movie "Bed of Roses" with Christian Slater (who wasn't in love with him??) So I took the class, passed with flying colors and got hired on with the local florist...the week before Valentines! Now my deep hate for red roses steams from this time in my life. Just starting out all I was in charge of doing was unpacking flowers, cutting them for the buckets, and cleaning up. I also made tons and tons of bows. Now during Valentines rush we processed 1000s of roses and one of the fun things you have to do with them is de-thorn them. This is not fun! Also, roses have a bacteria in/on them and if you stick yourself, which happens often when you are cleaning them, your hand swells up and makes for a very un-fun time. So I worked as a florist, both full-time and part-time for almost 5 years. Now during this time there were times when we were very slow and I worked other jobs. I was those big characters that people rent for kids birthdays. Yep I played everything from Winnie the Pooh, Mickey, Minnie, Barney, Tigger, and Elmo. I also did this for festivals and let me tell you how NOT fun it is to be in a hot suit, you can't see, and to have drunk people come up to you and say, "Oh, let me tickle me some Elmo!" 

It seems that I have always been working and in most cases done multiple things while holding down other jobs.
     I've cleaned houses, yachts, and camps.
Watched kids, and old people.
Been a camp counselor and lifeguarded for 6 summers.
 Was a camp cook at an AG campground in Alaska.
Painted houses.
Youth Pastored for 2 years.
Picked oranges.
Worked at a framing shop.
Worked in collections...yep, I was the person calling you if you didn't pay your bills.
Worked at library for 2 weeks...found out that was not for me! 
Worked Craft shows.
Worked in a wood-shop.
Florist for 5 years.
Dental Assistant, hygiene coordinator, 
and dental lab tech for 5 1/2.
Went through orientation and worked one week on the OR floor at a hospital in West Monroe.
Was a Cashier and Customer Servies at Lowes.
Worked at American Black Fridays and floorsets forever changed me!
Worked as a tutor for ADD and dyslexia kids.
I even tried my hand in small business and made and sold my own soap and bath products and also had my own ceramic shop at one point. 
      I'm now on my 6th year of teaching and during the last 5 years I have taught, World history, World geography, U.S. history, Civics, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Fine Arts Survey, Pottery, and Art 1, 2, and 3! 
     I also realized that this is the first time that I've only worked one job with no side jobs! 
But then I guess it's all at how you look at job may be a teacher but I find that as a teacher you are so much more. 
As a teacher you also tend to be a:
event planner
guidance counselor
life coach
security guard
crisis manager
maintenance consultant 
Etiquette and hygiene instructor
data analyzer
and of course
most feel that you should also be an entertainer.

By far the worst job for me had to be in cleaning and my favorite so far is teaching art. All of my jobs have taught me something along the way, have helped me build character, taught me about working with people in the public, and helped shape me into the person I am today. I've meet many great friends through these jobs and found out a lot about human nature and workplace friendships. I've learned that even the worst job can still be ok if you have the right people doing it along side you. Pay does not always constitute wither a job is good or not but it sure does help!

So what is my dream job? Well, that would have to be a millionaires wife...I just know I would be darling at it!! 
Or I would absolutely LOVE to work at Flow Magazine! If someone from Flow happens to read this I would be an awesome addition to your team!  

So what has been your worst job ever? What was, or is your favorite job? And what do you consider your dream job? 

~Till Next Time

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