Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Should Have Known Better...

 So have you ever decided to make a change and the moment you do you find that you are tested in that area? Yeah, seems it happens every time and I should have know better but I was still surprised when low and behold after I chose the word Joy as my word for the year, and vow that I'm going to be positive at work, I get tested....and Big Time! 
As a part of embracing my word Joy I am finding things to be grateful for, and it just so happened in the new Flow there was this awesome Gratefulness Diary.

 I reported to work on Monday and found out that there was some changes happening to our schedule and that I was now not only the art teacher but the Study Hall teacher...I have to say that I was happy about this assignment since some teachers ended up with test prep during that extra period. So I was still holding on to my positive attitude and pretty excited about the start of a new semester. It just so happens that I love the Spring semester, there are breaks spaced out nicely through the semester and it just always seems to fly by. 
This was me on Monday rearing to Go!

So every teacher knows that the first day outfit is very important! This was I mean business outfit and I was ready for Tue. and the first day with students. 

So this is were the test part comes in...I know short story long and all haha!
I get to school on Tue. knowing that I have 22 kids in a class that only seats 20, but was told by the counselor that it would be taken care of. I find out at the end of my planning 1st period that I don't have 22 kids, no I have 24 and no place for those kids to sit. I was told that i could deal with it. At this moment I wanted to lose it, I wanted to go off, I wanted to get my feathers ruffled...But I didn't. I ran to my classroom, found a table and 4 stools, rearranged my classroom and try to get everything to accommodate these extra kids. I reminded myself that a lot of teachers have way more kids and that I wasn't going to let this hiccup steal my joy. Yeah it was tight in the class and felt a little like an ant pile but we rolled with it and made it work. I wasn't the first and only change to my schedule today and there were moments that I wasn't happy about it but I was determined to stay positive!  
So in my gratefulness diary I wrote that I was grateful for the extra table and when I left at the end of the day I found out that I don't have 24 kids...nope I've got 26.
It's going to be a fun semester!!!
But no matter what I have so much to be thankful for and I may not always be happy about things that happen but I'm not going to let it steal my joy.

~Till Next Time

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