Sunday, February 1, 2015

35 Years & 35 Life Lesson

Yep, Happy Birthday to me! I turned 35 today! I know...I still look 25 ;) Well except those few darn gray hairs that seem to want to make their selves home on my head...Curse you gray hairs Curse You!!!

So yeah besides the few gray hairs, which I blame on teaching high school, I have picked up a few life lessons. Here are my 35 life lessons. Enjoy!

1. Life doesn't turn out like we think, plan, or sometimes want. Roll with it and trust that God's plans are better than yours.

 2. Yep I've learned that not everyone is going to be a fan and I'm ok with that.  

3. I can be my own worst enemy and thats not cool. I have learned that I have to stop being so critical of myself and that it's ok if I mess up just learn from it.

4. This one took some time but I'm ok with my crazy...heck I've learned to embrace it. I'm different and thats ok :)

5. Get things in writing!

6. Don't steal and never go through a mirror to a man in a mask. Thanks Fine Arts Survey for those lessons

7. Make sure that you go straight to bed after taking Ambien. No texting, FB, or calling. And you still may wake up and find an empty bag of chips in the middle of your living room (and not recall ever getting out of bed!)

8. I would rather do one thing really great then a bunch of things crappy. Sometimes it just has to be about quality over quantity. 

9. No matter what happens your family will always be there for you, will help you move, again and again, tell you what you need to hear, remind you to lower your freak flag just a bit, love you when you're not being so lovable, cheer you up when you are down.  

 10. Don't compare my life, job, situations, experiences, past, future, relationships, or adventures to anyone else's.

11. Just because you wish for it doesn't mean it will come true. You have to go after what you want and in most cases it's going to take time, energy, and work.

 12. At least I have learned to laugh at myself...I will never cease to be amused!

13. Stop waiting on your prince charming to come and whisk you off to his castle. Sometimes you just have to jump on your own house and chase your own adventure.

 14. Really learned this after Katrina, collect things that cannot be taken, Memories, Moments, and Experiences!

15. If the devil can't make you bad he will make you busy. Never become to busy for God!

16. A cup of good coffee or tea, good sheets, matching bra and underwear, cupcakes, manis and pedis, a good book, and a furry cat purring in your lap all make your life way more enjoyable!!!

 17. Don't borrow trouble. Don't except other's mess.

 18. I had no idea! Bills, decisions, jobs, stress, and other adults makes you sometimes think that it's not all the fun and games you thought. But I still don't want to be 15 again.

19. Haha...this is how I sometimes feel. Thanks Honey Boo Boo!!!
I'm not going to be a size 2 (well unless Im really really sick and taking meds for migraines) and I'm ok with that. Maybe I'm a tad vain, but I also don't want to be bigger than my size 6.

 20. Teaching art and doing prom has taught me this well. I will never get rid of the glitter in my car and seems to get on me every day.

21. People will eventually let you down in some way. Remember they are human just like you.

 22. A min. on the treadmill can seem like the longest hour of your life.

23. Pack for a trip and then take out half. Never fails, I always over pack!

24. A Netflix marathon will suck you in and you will blink and realize you haven't moved from your couch for the whole day!

 25. Coffee will pretty much fix anything, or make me happy enough to overlook it.

Well that escalated quickly!
26. Stay away from never turns out good. 

27. It's all fun and games until the fun and games portion stops...and boy can it turn quickly!

28. I didn't realize that life would give me so many moments when a Monte Python quote could so easily be inserted.

29.  I've learned that life is about the journey. I will have moments in the valley and those on the mountain top. I have to keep my joy in both, enjoy the journey, and learn to find the positive in every moment!

30. Being single and without kids has many positives! Learn to love the different seasons of my life!

31. There is always worse jobs than mine, even on my worse day!  

32. Never make big life decisions when I'm emotional or PMSing!

33. I will have moments of restlessness, it doesn't mean I'm not where I should be, or that I'm unhappy. It's just a moment...sometimes I just need a little adventure to settle the restlessness.

34. Never settle or lower your standards! Hold true to your convictions and stand firm on your beliefs.

35. You are only as good as those around make sure to surround yourself with greatness. 

So here's to hoping that this is my best year yet! I made a wish that I would love to see come about but if nothing else the past 35 years have taught me that life doesn't really go by my plans LOL! 
But no matter what I'm sure it will be an awesome year!

I gave myself a nice Birthday gift 

A 7 day cruise on the Royal Caribbean Serenade of the Seas

I leave on Feb. 14th LOL

~Till Next Time

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